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The purpose of Changelog is to provide an index of MACD to the various blogs I have created here on Publish0x. This post will be edited with new events.

  • 2021
    • July 2021 
    • June 2021
      • 20210623 [The Mark R Watson Flotecast] Changelog ** THIS POST ** 
    • May 2021
    • April 2021
    • February 2021 
      • 20210217 [BETTER THAN "EVEN" MONEY] Hello Publish0x World! ** FIRST POST **

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Did somebody say blockchain?

The Mark R Watson Flotecast
The Mark R Watson Flotecast

When you are going to comment about a piece in the media, or anything really, it's usually a good idea to think about it, get your thoughts in order, and even provide factual support for assertions. Be clear when you are stating Opinions. Some would call this "Show Notes". After a show, if I make additional claims or statements not previously supported or if I make errors, I will follow up with supports or corrections as appropriate. I know, waaaayy to analytical for some, and WHO DOES THAT? anymore...

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