Two Ways to Quickly and Easily increase your Website's Online Presence

By ChanWalrus | Marketing Essentials | 15 Feb 2022

The best advertising is the stuff that not only you can get done for free, but the evergreen content that you can use to bring customers in every week. When I started my first marketing business, Fantasoft Ltd, I didn’t have a lot of money, and because I didn’t trust Facebook to bring me customers when I had no income, I set about blogging. Blogging made the difference and got me my customers. In fact, it was so useful I still get people who contact me to this day.

If you stick with this one I will not only share with you 2 QUICK and EASY ways to instantly power up your website’s pages and blogs SEO, but 10 ways you can improve your search engine results. I was bringing in customers within a month without having to pay a penny.

Mission Improbable

My main marketing experience was restaurants. Despite having managed social media for a tonne of customers ranging from garage owners, artists, meditation coaches and lawyers, my main experience and main love in marketing was restaurants, so I figured the best way to help bring customers in would be to teach them how to do everything online.

The Restauranomicon

I wrote blogs on how to wait tables, how to bring customers in, how to advertise on Facebook, the damage Just-Eat does to restaurants and much more. Eventually I bound them all together in one giant list of different things. This huge selection of blogs still gets me customer interest to this day. I called it the Restauranomicon: Here it is: The Restauranomicon in all its glory. Even though I haven't updated it in a LONG time, it’s still useful and brings me a LOT of customers.

SEO Power Up

If you’ve already got content on your site, you are probably already ranking for a couple of things. Going through a website (my Lawyer’s site has over 300 blogs) to fix the SEO is a mind breaking experience that would drive most people insane. When undertaking this kind of herculean task, you should cut it into bite size pieces. 

Tip 1: First you should focus on the pictures of the website. Most people, myself included (I have a penchant for being lazy) will ‘forget’ that pictures are a vital part of the SEO puzzle. Adding the following will help increase your image SEO and help the relevancy of your blogs. Go through every picture on your website and add (Keeping it relevant):

  • It’s Title
  • It’s Alt Text
  • It’s Caption
  • It’s Description

Tip 2: Keep it Fresh and Keep it Bitesize - Google and a few other search engines have a freshness algorithm. This means that websites that aren’t cared about and worked on tend to drop off in ranking. You can no longer just make a site and it’ll bring people in. You have to work at it. Every week, take a blog you’ve written and see if you can add some information to it. You will want to add around 250 words when you do this in order to expand on the subject you’ve covered. This alteration will show when your website is crawled, and as you’re updating with information, possibly taking out poor information, your website will gain a priority when it comes to ranking as your blogs are up to date. Search engines prefer a site that’s well groomed and it’s worth the time taken to do this. 


If you want to take your site to the next level, following this guide I wrote on 10 Great Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Results will allow you to KILL it better than hiring an SEO expert yourself. If you want to change the way you blog, increase your SEO, ANNIHILATE your competition and all without hiring an SEO specialist you probably cannot 100% trust and probably doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing, then this will help you do it. It won’t even cost you a penny. If you take the time to do everything I recommend, you will not need to blog a thousand times a week or hire a team of a million content writers.

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