Life lessons from grandpa

Life lessons from grandpa

By Manish singh | Manish | 25 Feb 2019

Grandfather and his grandchild were in a room just chatting in general. The old man was diagnosed for cancer and had few months to live. His grandchild was 18 , on the verge of starting his true life.

Child asked , “ grandpa , what is your biggest regret in life?

Grandfather , “ my biggest regret is that I trusted someone ”.

Child - and what's the best thing you have done in life

Grandfather -  I again trusted someone.

Child - but how can a same thing be both?

Grandfather - because you live your life for the people around you, if they all ceases to exist then your existence comes to an end.

Child - means?

Grandfather -  you are no one if there is no one to call you by your name. You have no identity if there is no one to love you, hate u or  envy you.

Child - so what is that secret of life?

Grandfather - never stop adding people to your life, never stop trusting, never fear a new beginning. Because you never know what's behind that closed door. Don't leave people behind because of petty reasons. This life is too short to be spend alone. The day you stop trusting is the day you die.

Child - grandpa, what is the basic purpose of life?

Grandfather - enjoying the journey you are in. Life is not about the milestone you achieve but a journey you you make to that milestones. Life is the most beautiful gift one can get, don't waste it in thriving for things you can't get or won't have, rather find a purpose in everything you do. Once you have a purpose everything will be beautiful around you.

Child - how do you know all this?

Grandfather- I know all this because this are all the things I never did. I never enjoyed anything out of fear of being left behind, as result I was rich but never wealthy. I did all the opposite things and never enjoyed my life. As a result i am dying of regret today. Regret is the most painful thing my child, never do anything which you regret later in life.

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