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Mandala Exchange


Fortunately (Unfortunately for some) this won't be a 2 Paragraph post Shilling another NFT Scam or another Clone of SuperSafeFairHogeTotallyNotAScamMoon Coin. I'd like to focus on tokens with REAL USE CASES & UTILITIES both in BULL & BEAR MARKETS, which brings us to MDX.

MDX is the NATIVE Token to MANDALA EXCHANGE, just like BNB is to BINANCE. Having launched in December 2020, MANDALA EXCHANGE is Powered by BINANCE CLOUD.
It is Binance's White Label program, where Binance helped Launch MANDALA EXCHANGE by Leveraging the Superior Security, Technology and Liquidity solutions of Binance Exchange, with our Logo on it. In a Nutshell, Binance takes care of the entire exchange infrastructure including Deposits, Withdrawals, Security, Liquidity etc based on a Revenue sharing agreement. Mandala exchange uses Binance's Wallet Infrastructure therefore is protected by Binance's SAFU fund. Crypto transfers between MANDALA and BINANCE are marked as "Internal Transfers" which is NEAR INSTANT and FREE (NO-FEES).

Mandala and Binance share the same order books (260+ assets and 940+ pairs to trade with, with more being added non-stop) PLUS some UNIQUE LISTINGS ONLY AVAILABLE on MANDALA Exchange (coming Q2). Locking MDX tokens on the Platform can provide you up to 50% Discount on Trading Fees, as compared to Binance.

For eg: to get a 0.05%/0.06% Maker/Taker Fee Discount (VIP-4 Level) on Binance you need to Trade >4,500 BTC in 30 days and Hold >1,000 BNB (which roughly equals to $270M BTC Trade volume and $600K in BNB value), or you can get the same discount (0.05%) for the same order books on Mandala if you Just Buy and Lock 320K MDX Tokens for 30 Days (rebate starts from Day 1) that is about $130K based on current spot price around $0.40/MDX and No Trading volume requirement!

Put yourself in the Shoes of the tens of thousands of HFTs, Trading Bot operators, Market Makers and pretty much any automated trader: You can trade on Binance and you'll need a >$270M combined investment and Cash Flow of BNB & BTC (see math above) to reach the lowest trading fees, or you can trade on MANDALA and reach the lowest trading fees with about $112K's worth of MDX.So Using MANDALA Exchange to trade at Max Discount (0.05%) costs about 1/6th of the BNB token price (MDX/BNB) and 1/2700th on total cost basis (MDX/BTC+BNB value).

MANDALA INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE IS LIVE WITH 260+ ASSETS AND 940+ PAIRS to trade with and FULLY OPERATIONAL SINCE JAN, 2021, and being polished and improved every day with the backing of all Binance's engineers that are behind it. Futures trading (for the same pairs as Binance) should be released in early Q2 and Margin trading Q3, which should explode the volume on this exchange as you can trade much bigger positions, with way less funds, using leverage.

Cherry on the Sundae? Mandala plans to also have it's own listings of Unique Top Altcoins and De-Fi projects, distinct from what's already on Binance. This could result in more tokens on Mandala than on Binance. Combine this with Mandala's extremely low fees and you have a potential behemoth in the making.
Mandala has a uniform Maker/Taker Fees structure, unlike Binance that has asynchronous Maker/ Taker Fee model. See below the MDX Taker Fee comp. with BNB

Holding 320K MDX (cost: about $112K USD) as a Taker: 0.05% trading fees (biggest discount)Holding 9K BNB (cost: about $5M USD) as a Taker: 0.05% trading fees (biggest discount)
Again, just so it's clear, you are pretty much trading on the same exchange in both scenarios above. We reach parity with Binance (on a trading discount level) when 320K MDX is equivalent to 9K BNB in USD price, aka at about $15.62/MDX. This is based on pure math and does not account for speculation/hype, which can of course take things higher as we all know.

In a big move to boost liquidity, volume and its amount of users, Mandala Exchange recently won the most recent HUMMINGBOT vote and will be included in their newest release.
Hummingbot is a cryptocurrency trading bot currently boasting THOUSANDS of high volume trading bot users. These bots basically trade 24/7 on various pairs and ensure liquidity, price consistency across pair, arbitrage, etc. and generate a lot of volume. I guess you can imagine how juicy the trading fee discount on MDX can (and will) be for these individuals. When you are moving millions in trades, the fee rebate makes a huge difference on your bottom line.
The Hummingbot addition also opens liquidity mining campaigns for trading pairs specific to mandala (which should boost exchange volume massively for these pairs), and these campaigns will be promoted both by Mandala and Hummingbot (who both stand to win when users use their respective products). It also adds a revenue stream for Mandala users as they can learn to run the bot and earn money with their crypto holdings - which also translates into more overall volume.

The Exchange is fairly new, it's still early, and I believe they will be following Binance's footsteps. The CEO of Mandala also happens to be a US-Based lawyer, which makes me quite comfortable.
- COINMARKETCAP and COINGECKO listings for the exchange also for Q2 2021 (currently MDX TOKEN is listed, but Mandala as an exchange is not yet). It is being done as we speak. This will add a lot of visibility to the exchange)
- Hummingbot (scheduled for mid Q2 2021 - as mentioned above, will bring a lot of trading activity, volume and liquidity)
- CCXT certification (opens the floodgates to a lot more crypto trading bots, further enhancing volume and liquidity and inviting big market-makers over to MDX)
- Massive Marketing campaign (they have grown to over 10K users in 2 months with essentially no marketing, and are saving the budget for when futures are up and running)
- MDX listing on Binance is also part of the plan, although the team cannot give a direct yes/no answer. But it's only natural MDX gets listed there, as a Binance cloud powered exchange they already went through heaps of due diligence.
- More utilities for the MDX token (ie: lock them for exclusive access to X, Y and Z benefits ON TOP OF trading discounts)
- iOS and Android apps (currently launched as beta, should be fully operational and open to everyone by mid year)
- Fully Complaint US exchange launch- Q4, 2021/Early 2022
And my absolute, favorite release of them all: MDX SOCIAL
To put it in simple terms, imagine OnlyFans but for traders. Smaller traders can subscribe (for a fee) to bigger traders and follow their trades, and even better yet will also have the option to copy their trades automatically. This subscription fee (and the trading fees generated from smaller traders following their favorite trader) will be shared between mandala and the trader. There will also be a social media aspect to it, although not yet confirmed i can imagine things like creating profiles, sharing pics, chat rooms, talking between traders, leaderboards/contests, etc.)
Some other things I'd love to see, but are WILD Speculations on my part (yet they could very well happen since anything from Binance can be ported to mandala)
- P2P Marketplace- Mandala Powered Crypto Credit cards
- Tokenized Stock trading (as you might be already aware, BNB is currently exploding as Binance just launched stock trading on their platform and the first stock available is TSLA. This is a MEGA GAME CHANGER as we will see more stocks available on Binance in the future - and MDX being on Binance Cloud, should most likely follow suit since they can deploy the same features as Binance by Flick of a switch
Most folks wonder why Binance would even do this Whole White Label (Binance Cloud) program. The answer is fairly straightforward: as the bull run continues and the whole market matures, competitors are bound to pop. These competitors will compete with Binance and gain market share, there is simply no way around it. But hey, if you can't beat 'em then join them, right? And this right here is the genius of CZ, the CEO of Binance. By making it so convenient with a turn-key solution, most of these upcoming competitors can/will use the Binance cloud solution instead of starting from the ground up. They'll get access to the beefed up order books with full liquidity, as well as Binance's solid infrastructure and proven security, for their entire operation. It makes it almost a no-brainer.
And Binance gains from this. Instead of competitors popping up left and right to compete with them directly, they'll instead pop up as allies, and Binance will make a % of all their revenue in exchange for letting them use their proven monster of a platform. It's a WIN-WIN for everybody.
Also, FYI, Mandala will have a booth at the Miami Crypto Expo (April 21st to April 23rd). If you're from Florida or nearby, make sure not to miss it and CEO Joe Reiben is one of the Keynote Speaker and CTO, Zach is a Workshop Facilitator.
TLDR: I like the project and my Price target is at least $15 by EOY, which would put us at $5B market cap (roughly the same as FTX currently, and who the hell even uses the FTX exchange anyway? Binance and Powered by Binance Cloud is the way to go)!


Mandala Exchange (MDX)

Diese Exchange wird vollständig von Binance unterstützt. Gleiche Entwickler, gleiche Handelspaare und auch SAFU. Ihre Beta-App ist erst vor ein paar Wochen herausgekommen und der Preis beginnt zu steigen. Ich benutze bereits die App. So ähnlich wie Binance!

Grund für eine Investition in MDX ist, dass Mandala Exchange in der Binance Cloud gehostet und von der Binance Smart Chain unterstützt wird. Wartet nicht, bis MDX zum Mainstream wird. Kauft viel, solange der Preis extrem niedrig ist.
Derzeit rund 0,40 Cent.

Dies wird der nächste BNB sein.

Hier eine Übersicht der Features des beeindruckenden$ MDX Mandala Exchange Token.

MANDALA EXCHANGE (MDX-Token) - Die erste private Börse, die von BINANCE CLOUD betrieben wird.

Während TOKO ebenfalls von BINANCE CLOUD betrieben wird, aber Binance gehört, um sich auf den indonesischen Markt zu konzentrieren, ist Mandala TRULY INTERNATIONAL Exchange, welche bereits LIVE ist. Für das vierte Quartal 2021 ist ein vollständig konformer US-Exchangestart geplant.

Warum wir bei MDX extrem bullisch:
▪️ Hat die größte / tiefste Liquidität auf dem Markt
▪️ HAT DIE NIEDRIGSTEN GEBÜHREN (nur 50% der Binance-Gebühren) für die GRÖSSTE Liquidität auf dem Markt
▪️ Hat höchste Sicherheit, unterstützt von Binance- und Mandala-Team
▪️ Einzahlung sind SAFU mit Binance Wallet-Architektur
▪️ Hat ALLE Paare von Binance und EINZIGARTIGE Paaren Nur auf Mandala verfügbar
▪️ FUTURES / Hummingbot / Margin starten alle im zweiten Quartal (voraussichtlich Anfang Mai)
INTERNATIONAL Exchange derzeit LIVE und US Exchange Start für das vierte Quartal 2021 geplant

KAUFE MDX Direct von der Mandala Exchange (Usdt-Paar).


Eine Registrierung ohne KYC ist möglich.

Die Auflistung von Binance ist garantiert, da sie exklusive Partner sind.

Aktueller Preis: 0,40 Cent
Mein Ziel: + 10 $ Minimum
Zeit: innerhalb von 6 Monaten
Drei Hauptgründe in MDX zu investieren.

1. Binance Cloud und deren Produkt. Warum bietet Binance sowas an?
Antwort: Die wollen das große Ganze, Marktanteile im Cloud Segment und Franchise Unternehmen aufbauen. Jeder Kunde von Mandala ist automatisch ein Kunde von Binance.

2. Tradingfees, 0.05% ist ne Hausnummer für Big Player.
Und keine Transaktionsgebühren für jeden coin zwischen Binance und Mandala.
Ist etwas billig, geht es weg wie warme Semmeln. Vor allem wenn jemand 150 oder 15000 BTC sein Eigen nennt und gerne Future Trading betreibt.

3. Binance hat es aufgrund der US Behörden sehr schwer im US Markt Fuß zu fassen. (auch mit Binance US)
Der Projektleiter ist Anwalt mit US Staatsbürgerschaft und will mit den Institutionen zusammenarbeiten. Viele Personen/Unternehmen in den USA warten darauf mit viel Kapital in den Cryptomarkt einzusteigen, ohne sich dabei strafbar zu machen. Coinbase etc. können hier noch nicht mit einem anständigen Setup Auffahren. Binance hingegen verfügt über ein sehr gutes Setup und Mandala kann sich dies zunutze machen. (Franchise)

Wir empfehlen euch den MDX Token direkt über der Mandala Exchange im Usdt Pair zu kaufen.
Um das Team zu unterstützen nutzt bitte den folgenden LINK.

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Mandala Exchange MDX Token
Mandala Exchange MDX Token

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