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7 Tips to De-escalate a Dangerous Situation With a Raged Individual

By Richard Corona | Makethebestchoices | 28 Jun 2021

7 Anger Management Tips to Deescalate Dangerous Situations in Today’s Stressful Times!

Anger Management

Dealing With Road Rage, Anger, or Someone Losing Their Sh*8&?

How do you react to someone that has gotten angry at you, and called you a stupid fool, or idiot, bloody bitch, F*&*ckin moron, or anything from dozens of juicy expletives people in a rage can throw around? Anger management is important in these situations and can even save your life

If you are stressed out, and you probably are during this pandemic, you would probably give back as good as you got screaming something back, or worse get into a scuffle fight or assault which could result in serious injury and even death!

Modern fast-paced lifestyles come with tons of stress attached with everyone ready to jump down each other’s throats, get into fits of road rage, or use fists and slaps to end the conflict….or escalate it? Covid-19 has added to the stress in peoples lives and EVERYONE is affected in some way or another.

Different strokes for different folks go as you know, and sometimes you will encounter bizarre behaviour that can intimidate you. People just pushing in front of a queue, scratching their intimate parts in public or all manners of seriously bad manners and etiquette are the norm for some.

Road Rage Anger

Fight or Flee What do You Do?

The average gentle person will try and avoid conflict with an apology if though the fault was not theirs, while others will flee with their tail between their legs.

Where it concerns road rage, serious incidents are on the increase, and just the other day my wife was told to ‘fuck off the road whore bitch’ while the angry driver sped past, hooting and shaking his fist and middle finger.

This incident happened because she was calmly pulling away from a traffic light that had turned green to go, and not speeding off satisfactorily enough so that the hurried guy behind could make his appointment perhaps? Nasty Creature whoever you are!

This is the time when anger management is the most important option of all to save things from escalating out of control.

Just recently another ugly incident happened between two women; one in hurry, and as a result suffering from road rage… against the other women that were driving abiding by the speed limit. The result was the innocent getting stabbed in the eye with car keys and assaulted while being called all sorts of nasty names.

The Adrenaline Rush of Sticking Up for Yourself.

When confronted by incidents where you feel threatened you have the right to protect yourself and you can do so calmly. For example, you can control your anger and politely tell the person trying to jump the queue to go to the back of the line.

Sometimes anger management can be all it takes, while in other cases confrontation and name-calling can start between you and the culprit.  Remaining calm can help defuse a situation and both show the aggressor you are in control and NOT a victim.

Tips to Regain Control. and Manage Stress.

Here are 7 Tips to remember in anger management when you are facing an ugly situation of rage from strangers, drivers on the roads, or even your employer.

1- Take a Deep Breath from the Bottom of Your Gut which helps you control your emotions, gives you a few seconds to think how you are going to respond, and allows the adrenaline and cortisol release for flight or fight response to abate.

2- Be empathetic towards the aggressor as they could have been having a bad day, could perhaps have serious personal problems, or have a naturally nasty temperament. For the latter, it’s them that will end up leading miserable lives. Bear in mind that the anger they have is not directed at you specifically. You were just there …

3- If you want to respond to an aggressor or anger from someone in a rage, then speak to them from the pit of your stomach slowly and clearly, holding your head high, shoulders, back and keep a firm gaze on the angry person.

4- In the case you see the person is in deep uncontrollable rage, give way and remove yourself from any situation that can cause you injury, even if it means fleeing the scene.

5- Garner support from people around you, by directly asking for assistance if need be. Most people will gladly help you if they see you are in distress from the aggressive person.

6- Don’t let yourself become a bully if you are prone to fits of anger and uncontrollable rage, but seek rather help with anger management, practice stress relief techniques, and calmness.

7- Remember you do not have to be a victim of unfairness, and can take necessary steps to resolve any situation as long as you do it calmly and openly.

Everyone suffers from extreme fits of anger at some time or another, and when you do, then you are causing someone else to become a victim.

Just remember that in 90 per cent of cases anger is not personal, nor directed at anyone specific in most instances.

Like they say when sh** goes wrong... ‘you could just have been in the wrong place at the wrong time!’

Anger Management Tips

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