NFT boom ended? Now it's time for Oracles (Band, API3, DIA)

NFT boom ended? Now it's time for Oracles (Band, API3, DIA)

During last months, Non Fungible Tokens like ENJ, MANA, CHZ, FLOW, SAND achieved crazy returns. Anyway, in the crypto market things change quickly so it is important to understand the moment when new trends develop.

In this regard, oracle tokens may take advantage of this NFT break-down.
Cointelegraph published yesterday an article entitled: "Return of the oracles: Band Protocol, API3 and DIA price soar to new highs".
The article explores the reasons of the increase in price and volumes of oracles like Band Protocol, API3 and DIA.
Here you can find the link to learn more:

During these days, it seems that the NFT trend is cooling down and that traders are looking for new segments to speculate on. The oracles have been performing well over the past few weeks because of the effect of new DeFi project developments and the focus on cross-chain interoperability.
What is going to be the next trend in the crypto market? Share your opinions and comment!

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