Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto


#1. What is VNDC?

VNDC is a type of stablecoin developed by the VNDC Alliance with the Danang Blockchain Association and is a cryptocurrency developed exclusively for the Vietnamese Trader community. VNDC is built and developed on the basis of ERC-20 standard Ethereum blockchain technology and Bep-2 Binance chain.
You can refer to the following:
* VND 39,300,000,000 on Erc-20:

* VNDC on Bep-

#2. What is VNDC.IO?

VNDC.IO is a gateway that helps users convert VNDC to VND quickly, conveniently and easily.

When the conversion is completed, the amount of VND corresponding to the amount of VNDC converted will be transferred directly to the user's bank account.

#3. How to earn money from VNDC?
Just like we sell goods, but it's easier than just sharing for all users to use it, do you know MOMO wallet? It's similar to that, you recommend it to everyone.

First of all please register at the following link:

Now you register offline, then I will show people how to make money when you already have an account to register.

#4. Instruction for VNDC registration.

Step 1: Sign up

Click on the link above to go to the most official website of the unit.

You fill in the information, name, email address, phone number, non-robot confirmation, and then choose to agree to the terms of registration.

Then choose to register.

Here the system will automatically send you an email to confirm the email address you have registered.

Step 2: Go to gmail to authenticate your account.

In the activation email, the system will send a login link and password. You use that account to log in after you should change your password to increase security features and protect your property.

After registration, you have to do one more step to verify your account is not a virtual account, now VNDC and you can earn money from it.

Step 3: Verify account
You will need to download this application to authenticate.
Their team is currently out on two operating systems là androi and ios to help you authenticate faster.

Please register then we will authenticate. Please log into your account, note the password will be in gmail you



Start by clicking the account verification button (KYC).

Next they will click the start button below.



After clicking the start button we will come up with updated account information.


- We fill in ID / PASCH NUMBER
The next step you please face down ID card is take a photo of your salefi finished,

Usually within 2 hours to 4 o'clock your account will earn money.

# 5. How to earn money from VNDC?

After you have verified your account, go to their website to get information.




After logging in, select my profile

Next we will be redirected to a new page, select the account introduction section, then next to that is the information dialog related to the share

At this time, please share to let everyone you will earn money

# 6. What is the commission policy of VNDC?
Currently you share to the first 35 people to register and to authenticate your account, you will be 25k 1 person

If you share over 35 people you will get 1.3 per person

If you share over 50 you will have 35k

We tried 1 calculation if you instruct 1,000 people to get 35 million VND.

Really, if you are serious, you will do it.

I have a team dedicated to helping you make money online through this season, you can join for specific instructions step by step.



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