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1.What is minds?

Minds.com is a great product of Bill Ottman, born in 1985, one of the characters of the Internet with time in New York, USA. He is also one of the artists for self-confidence. Bill Ottman and one of the others are Johns Ottman, Mark Harding, Ian Crossland and Jack Ottman of successful Minds.com, February 2011 is one of the alternatives to one of the solutions to the problem. number (abuse of digital rights — Wikkidia). Mind is one of the blockchain games of the future Mind is one of our blogs released in 2015 Today, Minds, you can use your token, it’s a cryptocurrency. unavailable.

Today, Minds has developed its own token called Minds Token, which is built using the ERC20 Ethereums protocol and is currently running on Testnet, information on the token itself is scarce so information such as distribution and provision etc. unavailable.

The application of a Minds social network is that it allows users to share information, images, links on personal pages, join groups, make friends like a normal social network, but it also help you earn money by rewarding you with Minds Token if you do useful things on this social network, Minds Token will be converted into Bitcoin or Ethereum and converted into cash if you store a large enough amount. . In addition, you can use Minds Token to run ads, increase views for the content you want to share, it is very interesting, right?

And there are many other interesting features you slowly learn, now below I will introduce and guide how to use Mind for you to grasp.

To be able to use the social network Minds, you need to register an account for yourself, the registration is very simple.

Visit the link: https://www.minds.com
Enter your username, email address, password in the form and press SIGNUP to register your account.
Next, enter the phone number, remember to select +1 as the US area code, then press JOIN, a message code will be sent to the phone and you enter that code to activate your account.


Minds social media user guide

Step 1: Post status
You can type your mood and then select Post to post.


The like, share button is located right below the post you just posted. If you want the article to be more interested, then you can click Boost.

However, to use this feature, you are required to pay a fee.c629c8b5910c0cefb459b143f8bd7ab93b1e3af7885823682d8b005e4fcc1cff.pngStep 2: Edit your profile
You go to your personal page and make adjustments to your information in the left corner of the screen.


Step 3: Text
To message someone, Minds will ask you to create a password for your conversation. Enter any password in the password generation box and select Setup to start the conversation.

This is a special feature of the social network Minds, which helps keep information confidential.


Step 4: Search for friends
You enter the account’s name in the search box >> Click the track button (no friend button) >> Go to their wall to view information, share posts or block that account.

The social network Minds has Newfeed, Chanels, Videos, Image, Blogs and Groups sections with a variety of information. You are free to search for what you want here.98098e312f209133a3332da2afbd408b552714d3d7202bbf1bf972255759629f.png

Guide to making money with Minds
A great feature that makes the difference between Minds and Facebook or Twitter is that at Minds you can earn through your activities and contributions on the community of Minds.

With all your useful activities, Minds will provide you with a reward and a reward called Minds Token. With Minds Token you can use for many different purposes such as advertising, increase article interaction or convert into money.

What are Mindken tokens?
Minds Token was built using the ERC-20 utility standard and is released on the Ethereum blockchain. You earn Minds Token by giving away your contributions to social media and can be used to exchange for more views on your content with Boost or to support others or convert money.

How to earn Minds Token?
You earn Minds Token for your daily social contributions. Contributions include setting up your account, posting high quality content, operating on the website, contributing tokens, finding bugs and more.

Detailed instructions on how to make money with Minds Token
Access to Wallet by clicking on the house icon or go directly to the following link https://www.minds.com/wallet/tokens/contributions

Here you will see the number of Token Minds you have earned and the activities you have done on the social network Minds.dc0855f6b613315f764ab96e0ba407af36126eeed71eb688e015bd56fa1e1d32.png

For example, in the picture above you have seen your activities that are done 1 Votes, 2 Comments, 2 Subcribles, 4 Reminds, … and earn about 0.047 Minds Token.

If you do a lot of activities, share a lot of useful things for the community, your reward will be big and you will earn a lot of Minds Token. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

Draw Minds Token to your wallet
After earning a fair amount of Minds Token and you want to go to your own wallet, visit the Addresses gear icon3a10ea66a8a48c238aa633019b48279a53711ef1f25a8ab7053e44a857fd15b2.png

You can choose to use MetaMask (press USE MetaMask) or if you do not want to use MetaMask, you can press Create Address to have the system create an address for you or choose Provide Address when you already have a wallet address. .

In this article, the MetaMask function is temporarily locked so I instructed you to create by clicking the Create Address button, you will be provided with a wallet address and clicking the Download button to store the private key for your wallet, You need to save this file carefully. It is the key used to access your token wallet at later times


So I have instructed you to set up the address of receiving Minds Token wallet, now you can start using the Minds social network comfortably and make money from Minds Token okay.

I hope by the end of this tutorial how to use Minds, you can understand what Minds is and how to make money from Minds. This is a social network that takes advantage of the superiority of blockchain as a decentralized and social network of the future because blockchain technology is one of the unique and great invention technologies.

Social network Minds can be a formidable competitor of Facebook because Facebook has recently been involved in a lot of scandals in revealing user information. Because the Minds social network is new, you can immediately register an account and become the first to use this social network.

Above is an introduction to the functions of Minds, you can slowly use and tinkle further.

Love !

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