Review of virtual currency Ecoin (ECN) Receive 1125 ECN has been Listed on the ProBit platform

Review of virtual currency Ecoin (ECN) Receive 1125 ECN has been Listed on the ProBit platform

Today, I Review to you the virtual currency Ecoin (ECN). Have the opportunity to receive 1125 ECN and will List ProBit Floor.

This coin was created to provide a safe and fast transaction environment. Based on the cooperation between businesses, creating a B2B and B2C environment for peer-to-peer transactions, through the use of ECoin.

It also promises to become a new craze among Coin players & desire to enrich the digital market.

With Ecoin you will receive 1125 ECN when registering a new one. You just need to spread it so that more people know about the project, and the commission payment is from Ecoin.

Information about Ecoin (ECN)

+ Ecoin, or ECN for short. Developed on the basis of Blockchain 2.0 electronic wallet technology model; and integrated into joint venture technology development model among businesses.

+ Management team: has nearly 20 years of experience with the cryptocurrency market. Together with leading financial experts. To integrate and apply Blockchain 2.0 technology to solve real-world business problems.

+ Clear transparency: Transactions are clearly decentralized and secure transactions are protected through many different firewalls. Opened as peer-to-peer decentralization.

+ Easy to use interface: The design and familiar interface are easy to use & suitable for UI / UX users. The operation is very fast, and user friendly.

+ Low volatility band: Ecoin created to balance and bring long-term stability. It has exchange rate balancing mechanism, when the Cryptocurrency market fluctuates sharply. Ensure prices are always in balance and do not fluctuate sharply.

+ Zero transaction fee: Ecoin model (ECN) is developed based on Blockchain 2.0 technology. No need to transact through any intermediaries. Directly traded between two users; and it seems the transaction fee is zero.

+ Balancing and preventing inflation: Ecoin connects average price transactions & is directly supported by management enterprises. Therefore, the growth roadmap is clear and stable, the market fluctuation band is very low.

+ Diverse currency pairs: AUD, USD, EUR, GBP, ETH, BTC, LTC ...

+ Security: This currency is developed based on very safe and improved POS algorithm compared to the old POW technology.

+ Combining traditional B2B, B2C business models with public integration and Blockchain 2.0 application. Into complete production processes and systems.

Instructions for registering an Ecoin account

I show you step by step to register an Ecoin project and make money right away with the project.

First, you access the website to register for an account.

Or you click on the link: to register for an account.

Next, click the "Sign Up" button on the right corner of the screen to proceed to the account registration step

Here, there are 2 different ways for you to register and open an account:

+ Google Account

+ Email Address

In this article, I guide you to register an account with the Email address -> You choose the word "Sign up with email" to register.

Next you fill in:

+ First Name: Your first name

+ Last Name: Your last name

+ Email: Add the Email address you want to declare and open an account

+ Password: put your password in. Should combine: uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, special characters (eg Ecoin123! @) For strong security account.

+ Retype your password: Retype the password above into this box.

+ Click "I have read the terms policy"

-> Once completed, click on the ‘Sign Up With Email” button

At this time, please go back to your Email, find the Ecoin mail sent through the mailbox -> Click on the "VERIFY" button.

Thus the registration process for your account has been successful!

On the main control panel, you see the following specifications:

+ Saving Balance: You get 1125 ECN

+ Current Balance: The balance in the account

+ Total Balance: The total Token you currently have

+ Future Valance: The expected value of ECN in the future

+ Current Value:

Now you just need to copy your Referral Link right at the main screen, and introduce to many people you know and make money with from the Ecoin project

When you refer one more person, you receive 10% of the system commission value that person receives

Ecoin (ECN) is Listed on ProBit. And it is expected to allow redemption and transaction on real estate by June 2020.


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