Brave: Web browser in your dream or excited too early?
Brave: Web browser in your dream or excited too early?

Brave: Web browser in your dream or excited too early?

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Web surfing now comes with a lot of annoyances, because ads are everywhere and the snippets embedded in websites follow users across the Internet and collect all information about them. That's why an Internet browser is committed to solving all of the above problems, earning countless compliments from the press and technology news sites.

(Note: instructions for making money with Brave Browser at the end of the article)

Brave Browser VS Google Chrome (Ultimate Comparision 2019)


Brave can replace Chrome into hegemony?


Brave released the official Brave 1.0 on November 13, after more than three years of testing, with all versions for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS and the criteria "user privacy is first".

The open source browser based on Chromium (like Google Chrome) is a product of Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla (the company that created Firefox). Currently there are only 8 million regular users per month, Brave is really just a tiny guy compared to the giant Chrome (more than 1 billion users) and Firefox (100 million).

But Brave has been described by PC World as "excellent browser", while Wired headlines "Brave, the privacy-first browser that can replace Chrome on all your devices", praised The ability to minimize the "footprint" users leave on the Internet by blocking ads and tracking codes (tracker) of this software.

The praises of Brave's newspapers and technology news sites make the technology commentators seem a bit too excited. This attitude may be somewhat understandable, because the tech world believes in the effort of a "brave" software (Brave means courage) to challenge Chrome, the browser that is dominating the world, as well as fighting High prices and expectations for another feature of Brave: not only brings a "clean" surfing experience, Brave also wants to change the way Internet users view ads and create a channel for readers to "appreciate" the news. who created content in material.

Automatically block nuisance

To be fair, web browsers, including Chrome, have recently tried to block trackers on websites, but these features are limited, or require users to have some technical knowledge to learn for themselves. As for ad blockers, most people still have to download and install additional browser extensions, but no web browser has actively provided this feature to users by default.

Brave is committed to blocking all ads and default trackers, meaning that users do not have to install or enable these features. Ads based on user access history as well as trackers from third parties like Facebook and online services will be completely blocked.

All of these safeguards will help minimize the amount of "footprints" users leave while surfing the web. "We do not view nor store any of your browsing data," Brave wrote on the website. "The data generated will remain on your device until you delete it."

Brave also automatically blocks autoplay videos, does not show embedded posts from LinkedIn or Twitter to ensure a smooth browsing experience for users. The browser also comes with password management software, cryptocurrency wallets, Torrent file download and many other available features so that users do not have to install anything themselves.

The mechanism of "paying notice"

Websites or online media often have a message of earnest need for money to sustain the press and stay active, so users should not install ad blocker software, taking away their revenue. Listening is not sorry, but the feeling of not being bothered by ads will often win and users will choose the ad blocker, "ignore" the call. That is why it is quite ironic that the online newspapers in the past week have posted a praise for Brave, the browser will proactively "break the rice cooker".

In fact, Brave has a solution to this problem so that online newspapers and websites will not have to worry about losing revenue, and users will no longer have to bother about it. Brave users will be able to claim, "I don't want to see your ad, but I will have a way to compensate you financially."

Brave's solution is Brave Rewards, the mechanism to view ads in exchange for BAT crypto currency (4.38 BAT exchange rate for 1 USD) and use this money to "donate" online newspapers, website owners or other Another source of content creation to help them generate revenue. Brave calls this type of "privacy-respecting ad" and it will not be in the form of banners everywhere on the website, causing confusion and confusion for readers like regular ads, but displays. notification format (notification), who needs it, click on view.

As such, Brave will block all ads installed on the site and replace it with "Brave-style advertising".

In order to pay users, Brave also called for advertising like any other platform. Assuming a brand agrees to run ads on this browser for 100 BAT per month, Brave will collect 30% of this and divide the remaining 70% users.

Advertisers, users, online newspapers as well as Twitter, YouTube or other sites can register to join the Brave BAT network to exchange this virtual currency with each other.

For example, people who learn cooking tips from page A can use Brave and watch ads to get BAT money and give it back to the owner of the page, as well as readers of B newspaper, if they want to support their favorite newspaper, work hard. advertise and send money to support.

Sounds great, but there are some issues. The money collected from Brave Rewards is not too much, and users certainly are not motivated if they are forced to see ads that are not related to themselves.

From advertisers, they are also willing to spend more bold if they are sure their information will reach the people who need them most. But if the ad displays "shoes measure" then it is forced to rely on user data. Brave solves this problem by also relying on user data to allocate ads "landing" but not by tracking, but inferred from public sources such as web page content, search commands of users. . The data collected is also for advertising display only, not for external sharing. Users also have an option of how many ads to display per hour.

Internet users will inevitably embrace the idea of ​​choosing ads and getting Brave money, but what about advertising agencies? According to CNET, hundreds of companies have joined the Brave Rewards network, though most of them are just for market exploration. After all, running ads on Brave, their products and messages also reach the viewer, rather than spending for Google or Facebook so that users will not see anything because they have installed ad blockers.

It takes more time to see if the number of Brave users has increased since it was officially released. How many people, though always wishing to surf the web fast, were free of annoying ads, changed their habits, abandoned Chrome to choose Brave? And how many people are willing to trade "what Google knows about us" for an unobtrusive, private online experience?

If you are calm and not too excited about Brave, you will find the story more likely to fall into an everlasting end when it comes to online privacy: we don't like to be watched, but we will have even more difficulty when no more gadgets that Google gives us, from collecting data about ourselves. ■


With popular browsers today, users can still install it to avoid ads and tracking tools.


Firefox only came to the beginning of this year by default blocking some (but not all) trackers, while Microsoft Edge is still testing similar features.


Meanwhile, Apple's Safari actively blocks most trackers from websites that users don't visit often, while regular sites allow tracking but data is only valid for 24 hours.


Chrome, which desperately needs user information to feed Google's online advertising engine, has just announced "plans" to provide blocker blockers to users, but hasn't really done anything yet.


According to Brave, each user can earn 5 USD through Brave Rewards every month. A CNET correspondent tried this feature while in beta mode earlier this year, and finally earned $ 27. BAT acts as a cryptocurrency and can be converted into real money via Uphold exchange. In the future, BAT can also be used to redeem gift certificates, purchase subscription packages for online services ...


How to make money with Brave browser?

To get $ 5 from you, download the Brave browser exactly on the link below (avoid searching on Google for links to malicious code or viruses)

You will be redirected to the Download page like below then click on the "Download Brave

After downloading Brave browser, open this application and pay attention to the notice below. Choose ON to enable monetization on Brave and get $ 5. (Note: $ 5 will be added to your wallet after 30 days you operate on Brave - this is a small amount, you can earn more by referring your friends to download and use.)

Set Brave as the default browser

Go to Settings >> Apps and notifications (find & select Brave apps) >> Advanced >> Browser apps >> Click the Brave icon. The purpose of this step is to help you use the Brave browser more and get more money from Brave.  

(Brave will ask you if you'd like to make it your default browser during the Welcome tour. If you missed the option, simply open the Main menu 3dots.png and select Set as default browser.)

Sign up for a Publisher account to earn money with Brave T

o register for a Brave Publisher account, open the Brave browser and go to the Website:   At the main screen, click the icon 3 dashes on the upper right corner of the screen and then select Signup    


Next, enter your email to register your account and click the Create account button


You will receive a notification of successful registration and need to enter your email to confirm your Brave account.


Now you go to the email you have registered, you will see an email sent from Brave Creator

Open it and click the Verify email button to verify your Brave account

After clicking the Verify email button, the last step of the account registration section is you need to enter your Full name in the box as shown below and then click Signup button.


In the next step, Brave will ask if you want to set up 2-layer security (2FA) for your account? If you want to secure your Brave account, press the Set Up 2FA button or choose Skip for now


After completing every step you will move to the account page, where you can track the fluctuations of your money and other activities. It looks like this


Make money on Brave

There are 2 ways for you to make money (BAT - the exchange rate of BAT against USD you can see here)

Method 1: Use the Brave browser daily

In addition to receiving $ 5 after 30 days of account registration, you also receive BAT on Brave. Below is my income when using the Brave Web browser for about 1 week.

Method 2: Invite your friends to download and use Brave

To invite a friend to use Brave to earn money you need to get your referral link, do the following:

On the main screen of your Brave Publisher account scroll down to the bottom, in the Creator Referral Promo section click on the GET STARTED button

Next, click on the ACTIVATE PROMO button to activate the referral link

Brave will say that you have successfully introduced the referral link as shown below with the message below that you can earn $ 7.5 USD / successful referral

At this time, the Link for introduction has not shown yet, next you need to click on the word GO TO MY ACCOUNT to return to your Brave Publisher account.

Scroll down to the bottom and select Add Channel to add an introductory channel

Brave will create a referral link when you link Brave with one of the following accounts:

Youtube Channel
Twitch Channel
Vimeo Channel

Usually I choose the Youtube Channel to link for convenience and ease because almost everyone has a Gmail account with 1 Youtube account.

Log into your YouTube account and give Brave permission by clicking Allow. Then Brave will show that the referral link will be created within 24 - 48 hours (I worked in the evening, the next morning woke up and there was a referral link so it should only wait about 8 hours).

Your referral link will be updated and to copy the referral link, you need to log in to your Brave account in Chrome and click on the 3 dots on the top right of the screen >> select Web page for computer >> click on the word Referral Link (this time the introductory link will appear) >> press Copy

Now, please bring your referral link to invite people to register and receive money on monthly.

Sign up for a Uphold wallet to withdraw money from Brave

Uphold is the electronic wallet to receive and transfer the BAT you earn from Brave.


To register for a Uphold account go to (use the Brave browser to access and take advantage of earning BAT more Brave offline). Click Signup button then fill in the necessary information, then click Next to the next step, you need to complete some personal information and then click Next and you will receive a notification from Uphold that they have sent the Link Active account. Email account.

Enter your email and click the Tap to verify button to confirm your Uphold account

You will be redirected to the main interface of Uphold Wallet and what you need to do now is to verify your identity so that receiving money and transactions on Uphold is safer.

Click on the words Verify your identity

There are 2 steps for you to Verify Uphold account information

Enter your address, home town, zip code.
Select your country, then select the Identity card to upload scanned identification card, ID (both front and back)

Drink coffee for a while and you'll receive a Verify Identity email notification.

That's it. Create Uphold wallet account section.

Connect Brave Publisher with Uphold wallet

The last part of this section is to go back to the Brave Publisher account connected to the Uphold wallet to let the money flow into your wallet on the 8th of every month.

To connect you do the following: In the Uphold Wallet section (in your Brave Publisher account) select Connect to Uphold, make Connect and get the green Connected line that you have succeeded.


Register for Remitano account to withdraw money to ATM

(You can sign up for any wallet account similar to Remitano which you find most convenient for you)

You can register for a Remitano account here:

And see how to withdraw money from Uphold to Remitano to receive money for ATM.


and invite people to refer to the following money-free projects:

COINSBIT registration link:
ECOIN registration link:
SAPRYKIN registration link earn RUB:
VNDC floor registration link:



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