Earn cryptocurrencies without investisment ? It's possible

By Simouille | Make Money Easily | 20 Apr 2021

There are different way to have your first cryptocurrencies :


          You can mine some cryptocurrencies with websites like Honeyminer (https://honeyminer.com/) or Nicehash (https://www.nicehash.com/).  Programs like this use some of your computer's computing power to mine with the rest of their community. So more you have power on your PC more you earn crypto. However, you need to check your electric consumption, if you pay more electricity than you earn, it is not worth it. If you live with your parents talk with us before starting mining. Even if you are profitable, you are not going to make $1000 a month but it will give you an additional income. You can see an estimate of your benefits on Nicehash.


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           The first one is Brave, you earn BAT (Basic Attention Token) when you see advertising. You can earn about $5 a month according to the BAT price. It is very simple and you have nothing to do.
          The second is CryptoTab, you can mine by adding this to Chrome or with the navigator CryptoTab to increase mining speed. Be careful it can slow down your PC. With this method, you earn a few thousand satoshis per day (about 50/60 $ a month).




  • With Adbtc (https://r.adbtc.top/2310156) you will earn Satochis or ₽ when you are watching the ad.
  • With FreeBitco (https://freebitco.in/?r=41995123) you can earn some BTC 1 time per hour, you can have up to the equivalent of $200 just by clicking on a button. On this site, there is also a lottery, but I don’t recommend it it’s not worth it.



  • Lolli a browser extension, allows you to save up to 30% which is paid back to you in Bitcoin. Example of merchants: Expedia, Gap, Hotel.com, …
  • Pey is a mobile app, it works like the previous one? Examples of partner sites: Starbucks, Uber, H&M, …


           There are a lot of ways to earn some cryptocurrencies, web browser, faucet and cashback are the simplest way. Alone they are almost insignificant but grouped they can have a real impact on your income. I refer you to my other post for another technique. You can check the price of each cryptocurrency on Coingecko to know which crypto is worth farming.










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Make Money Easily
Make Money Easily

You want to learn how you can start to earn cryptocurrencies starting from scratch. I will present you different things to earn your first Cryptocurrencies easily, of course the importance of Bitcoin keeps growing in the financial field. Moreover, I will talk about the future of crypto in some subject like video games. This blog is for beginner who want to discover the world of blockchain simply and efficiently.

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