Splinterlands Daily Quest and Miscellaneous Considerations...

By mad runner | mad-runner | 21 Feb 2021

You can't help but start from this beauty (oh my, I wouldn't say really beauty, so to speak ... 😅😅😅), which, as you can see in the next screenshot, I found in today's unpacking of the cards, obtained with the completion of the Splinterlands Daily Mission .... Honestly I had never seen this Almo Cambio, Neutral Legendary Card, with a great current value of almost 7 dollars (1000 DEC), and I must say that it has performances, at the highest levels, truly portentous, but other 10 cards, to add to this first one obtained for free, I see it quite hard to collect, because I have other priorities, in any case it was a welcome arrival and a welcome acquaintance that I did today ... The Death Element has arrived, I have decided not to opt for the second choice, and I must say that I have had decidedly affordable opponents, so in a little while I have achieved the 5 victories, even going up just above 2500, for this reason I got the 8 cards that you can see in the screenshot below ...

In addition to the great Almo Cambio, I also liked the other Cards that came to me, despite being all 3 Common Cards, as they are all cards that perfectly meet my liking, starting with the new Nightmare and Harvester, to finish at the already maxed Phantasm, which in any case fascinated me right away ... Last night I broke the balls for good to our Guild CoLeader @ libertycrypto27, asking him, for a change, directions and information, which as usual our hero certainly did not skimp on giving me, then I took a different decision, I have to carry on a project that I cannot fully reveal yet ... Having said that, also for this evening we have reached the point, that is, at the time of the greetings, I give you an appointment for tomorrow, when, apart from supernatural events, the Engagement ranking should come out, like every Sunday, with the usual award ceremony. .. The images in this post were taken from the Splinterlands game, they were made using my laptop ...

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