Which Crypto Exchange Is Best for you?

By m5kro | m5kro | 2 Aug 2019

Looking for an exchange but don't know which one is best for you? Well then look no further because I have tested a few of the popular exchanges for you. Let's start with Binance, the first one you see when googling for crypto exchanges. If you have very little crypto (example: 0.0001 btc or something like that) then Binance is not for you. You see, once you deposit that 0.0001 btc you can't withdraw it. Binance has a rule that you must have an order value of at least 0.0001 btc so anything below that will not work, also you can't withdraw since your account needs at minimum of 0.002 btc to withdraw.But, if you happen to have large amounts of cypto at your disposal then Binance may be for you. It supports many of the average crypto currencies and its own BNB which give you a discount on the fees if you use it to pay for the fees. 

Next let's check out Stex. Its main downfall is that it does not support market trading and only limit trading so it is not ideal for most traders. But, if you are low on funds, then Stex is just right for you. As long as your trade is worth at least 0.0000001 btc then it will be placed. Stex also supports many crypto currencies, much more than Binance.

Hitbtc is similar to both Binance and Stex, it supports market trading, many different crypto currencies, and has a low trading fee. Hitbtc is like the middle of the exchanges, many people use it and if none of the previous exchanges satisfy your needs then Hitbtc is probably for you.

last but not least, Kraken. Kraken is very similar to Binance but you can withdraw your funds if it is 0.0001 or lower. The one downfall of Kraken (based on my personal experience) is the ui is hard to navigate. everything else is fine.

In this post I talked about the most popular exchanges so there were many I have missed. I am sure there are are many more good exchanges out there and if you want me to try one out then leave a comment below on the exchange name and the link and I may try it.

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