Review of CelerX crypto game/gambling app

By m5kro | m5kro | 5 Oct 2019

CelerX is basically an app where you can play against others in order to gain or lose crypto. The ui is very well made and it has many games available. They supply you with tokens which can be used to practice the games. It allows you to bet many cryptocurrencies in it games. 

Now for the actual review, I think most of the games are controlled by bots that look like the other player. I think this because there are only about 10,000 downloads and not all of the players can be online at all times plus, the actual multiplayerish games have extremely long wait times. The games on the other hand are quite nice. Though most of them are probably made from unity, they have at least some content in them. So, if you are bored out of your mind but also want to have a chance to earn/gamble some crypto, this app is for you.

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