Gekko trading bot reveiw

By m5kro | m5kro | 10 Oct 2019

Trading bots these days are very expensive as many of you have probably figured out. But in midst of all that there are a few that give their service for free. We will be looking at Gekko, one of these few specimens. Gekko runs on node js and can be installed on windows, macos, linux, docker, and even the raspberry pi. Gekko supports a few exchanges, mainly: Binance, Poloneix GDAX, etc.(to see all supported exchanges see Gekko does not use up many of your system resources but it does need to be run 24/7. In order to start trading Gekko needs to backtest for a while(this can take a while depending on your hardware). Gekko does also have many other features which you can find on their documentation.

For me Gekko was not the best trading bot. The backtesting took forever and it took a very long time for it to even make a trade. Overall every trade ended in a loss of profit, but, this does not mean it does not work. If it is properly configured it could actually make a profit. I found the ability customize many parts of the bot quite interesting(adding exchanges, adding plugins, etc.). 

So, if you are looking for a customizable trading bot that you can run on multiple platforms on your own servers, Gekko is for you. If not I would recommend Trade Santa (review here:

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