Bitcoin analysis on October 4 - exploded?

By duy172111 | M0onljght | 4 Oct 2019



BTCUSDT continues to move very boring period, in a very narrow band. However, there have been additional interesting points that we need to note.

The current price action model we watched today is the Inside Bar model. Yesterday, we had Fakey appear below, indicating buying. BTCUSDT then rebounded a bit, but eventually turned back down. On this downside, BTCUSDT broke down with a stronger candle, larger volume and closed lower than the previous Fakey candle. This is a sign that the bear is attacking harder and the cow is getting weaker. It seems Inside Bar has exploded in a downward direction.

The general trend for BTCUSDT on H4 time frame has not changed, is still a cumulative sideway stage after a downtrend. This sideway period is in the form of a Rectangle Flag - Rectangle - and usually it continues the previous trend, specifically here is the continuation of the downtrend. The main market for BTCUSDT in this time frame is still sold.

Today is the weekend. The US economic calendar also has important news that could cause financial market volatility. So tonight could be the day when BTCUSDT fluctuated. After a period of small volatility as recently, a major volatility is imminent

Happy and safe trading good crypto brothers !!!



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