She deserve better

By Lusipir | | 13 Jul 2020

She's my friend for six years,I have known her more than anyone else,she was active and friendly but everything messed up when that day happened. It all started three years ago when her mother died,it was just a normal day just like another day,she took an exam that time when she got the news. During the burial of her mother a fought has occured,everyone blamed her father so as she,her father did not become a good father to them,but even if that's the case she defended her father and took everyone into a fight. That event broke her so much and started thinking to commit suicide,However,she tried to live she still go to church every sunday,she tried to live like nothing happened,at first I thought she fully moved on,but I was mistaken she never moved on and never will be. Nine months after the burial of her mother,her sister died,same scenario everyone in her family fought,this time because of money,months after the burial,she begun to change,she stop going to church,she stop making friends,she isolated herself,I followed her,I did what she did. She continued her study taking Engineering program,during payment day she don't have money to pay,so she went to her another sister that promised her that she will support her study which is a teacher,However,her sister acted like she didn't make a promise to her,she pleaded to her sister,she even asked that consider it as a debt,but nothing happened,she did everything to get the money for her school fees,she even applied for work,she got hired and it became her last hope so that she can pay her school fees,but in the end she stopped her study,because she started working two months after the school day begun which is a bit late. She did not give up,even if it was hard for her to stop schooling she is hoping that one day a good day will happen to her. This year her father got fired from his work because he was old and sick and couldn't do the job of driving a taxi,she started to worry that she might not be able to go to school this time around,a pandemic worsen the situation even more,first week of the pandemic her siblings moved to their province,but she remained to their house in the city so that she can take care their father,her father isn't welcome in the province because of what happened to their mother. Together with her father she experienced more hardship,they do not have enough money for both of them,what she did was,she just ate a bread every meal and her father will eat a proper meal so that he will become healthy and can save money,but her father wasn't cooperative,he will eat but only a little,her father hasn't change he still acted violently,he did not appreciate what her daughter did to him,he did not show his love even a little even if that was the case she bare it all,she endured the pain physically,mentally,emotionally and spiritually. Recently the enrollment for the next school year begun,the universities will use online learning for the next openning of class,she did not enroll yet because she do not have money to pay and besides it is for the food of her father,of all what happened to her she still hope that someday a good one will come,but I do not know if it will still come. Today her father died. Knowing all her struggle broke me and made me felt guilty, I couldn't do anything to help her financially I tried many times but I always failed, a student like me couldn't do anything. This is not what she deserve but why?

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