By Lusipir | | 28 Jun 2020

Bitcoin,Ethereum,Litecoin,Ripple,Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash are just some example of cryptocurrency circulating in the world. So what is this cryptocurrency? Why is it popular and most people want to own it? Can this thing make us rich? Is it more valuable than gold? And how can we earn cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is just like other currencies which can be use to buy goods and services, However unlike other currencies cryptocurrency are digital in form and use cryptography to provide secure online transaction. 2009 the first cryptocurrency was founded which is bitcoin, that time perhaps the value of bitcoin is not that valuable compare today, if a person hold thousand of bitcoin that year he or she is probably rich today, but that is not always the case because I believe that it is part of humanity to doubt, there might people who believe on that project,However there were always people who are uncertain because perhaps afraid to invest. If today we look on that same scenario and analyze it thoroughly we might have the chance to become rich just like the people who invest on bitcoin and hold it for many years,However investing and holding cryptocurrency is not easy as slicing pizza we need wisdom and knowledge on it, there are thousands of cryptocurrency but that does not mean you will invest and hold everything, perhaps you will just choose top three or five that you feel like it has the potential to grow. You can earn cryptocurrency for free or purchase it in low price. So cryptocurrency is the key to become rich? In my humble perspective NO, it is just a door which we are uncertain what is inside, I believe wisdom and knowledge is the key to success which can open that door enlighten us for an answer.

Ps. This is my first time to wrote online sorry if there are errors^^


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