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Spam News Era

By GarciaCruz | Luis Garcia | 12 Nov 2020

We live in the age of SPAM, we find Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages everywhere, having spread from digital media to the written press and audiovisual communication (TV). Many think that SPAM is the unwanted advertising emails we receive, but journalism has become the biggest propagandist of messages with Hoax content, written with the intention of alarming or deluding those who read it and instigate its dissemination as quickly and as many people as possible, propaganda as well and a form of spam used to promote politicians, ideas or companies or to denigrate, according to the interest of the economic groups where they are inserted. Other less harmful forms of digital SPAM phishing, malware, Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Scams, etc. we don't even talk about the advertising spam that usually presents over-the-counter drugs, pirated or illegal software, university degrees, quick enrichment opportunities working at home, sports betting, etc. Digital Marketing has to know how to deal with these trends and get the right message to the modern consumer. This in turn has to bring a captcha inserted in your brain in view of the amount of SPAM it is bombarded with daily ... and have no doubt that we live a SPAM WAR with catastrophic consequences for the health of the free economy and civilization.  Stupidification is general and are we already addicted to spam? How to offer quality to an increasingly conscious consumer? It is classified as Offensive SPAM forms of communication that “disseminate aggressive and violent content, such as unfounded accusations against specific individuals, defense of extremist ideologies, apology for violence against minorities, racism, xenophobia and sexual abuse of minors.” Quoting Wikipedia. We live in the era of OFFENSIVE SPAM motivated by the mass sending of harmful messages at a cost close to zero. As you know, there are software programs for these practices and that we use to achieve the aims and objectives we want. There are few marketers who do not use these immoral market practices to stupid consumers, and one of the most common practices is FEAR MARKETING. This concept, which we call FEAR MARKETING, is well known to all and we can give an example of Racism and what we have been experiencing lately in the media and social networks.

W have to free, educate, bring the positive aspects to the client and the consumer, benefits that a certain product or service has, loyalty and satisfying all stake holders. Content created with ethics, creativity, innovation, improving the quality of life, avoiding the tribalism of propagandist communication content, whose formula inexplicably continues to show results today, in the face of consumer vulnerability in its environmental, economic and social context . These spam news, offensive spam and / or advertising spam is a food without any nutrient and with saturated fat that we eat and put on mental weight, creating early cancers in the behavior of the consumer and the whole society. In reality, it is necessary to improve digital nutrition, the art of cooking content that values ​​your message in a healthy way, the customer thanks and prolongs the life of any company.

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Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia

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