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Start Exchanging Your BTC Today

Good afternoon friends! I thought I would take a moment to type out this short piece for you today, to let you know about an awesome new app that I recently discovered.

Since I was first introduced to crypto currency, back in 2012, I've been an avid supporter. One thing that has continued to be an issue over the years is that sometimes it's not always easy to buy and exchange BTC. With more and more companies following the government kyc regulations, some more strictly than others, it can be a real headache trying to purchase and exchange BTC and other currencies. 

This new app on the other hand, while it does require an ID to verify, doesn't take forever in the verification process. In fact, from what I've witness, they are the fastest and more reliable in terms of speed and ease of use. As long as you take a good photo of the front and back of your government issued Identification card, account verification is almost instantaneous!

Allow me to introduce the Strike app. Now, apart from being super easy to buy and sell BTC, one of the best things about this app is that if you sign up through my link, provided below, you will get a $10 bonus immediately upon a successful account verification. You are free to do whatever you like with your bonus and can transfer it immediately to whatever account you choose. Furthermore, if you're an affiliate marketer, you will also have the opportunity to promote your own code and link and Strike will pay you $10 for every new member you bring in.

Now, just in case you missed it, Strike will pay you $10 to essentially give away their money. If you bring in 100 people you will earn a nice $1000 in commissions for the month.

Don't just take my word for it though, get signed up today and try it for yourself. It's 100 percent free to sign up and use the app so you have nothing to lose, there's literally zero risk to you.

Do yourself a favor and go HERE right now and get signed up. This will be the easiest money you've ever made online, guaranteed. 

Best Wishes,

Lucky Panda

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