Well that was fun.

Well that was fun.

By lowededwookie | LowededWookie | 30 Jun 2020

Atomic Wallet is pretty much a failed experiment now. I've been turned right off it.

It started out with an issue where I couldn't work out the wording of the interface. It seems like a drunkard had developed it.


Anyone with any ounce of intelligence would look at the Show zero balance with the tick and say the option to show zero balances is ticked and I should be seeing everything with a zero balance. This is what I see:


So as you can see I see only what has a value. The option that needs to be set is this:


Notice how Hide zero balances is greyed out? Once again that implies you choose this option to only show the balances that have a value. Instead I get this:


So I go onto Telegram to voice my concern with what is a very real UI issue and I'm met with someone called @random_idea. This is the real support guy it seems but then I get a DM show up with someone called Random. Same name same avatar. Working through the process it seems like they're helping and they send me a link https://www.wallet.atomicweb.online/unlock/adminbar.fw.png.

It suddenly dawned on me that this might be a scam and sure enough it was. Now I no longer have Bitcoin or Ethereum. That's fine. The only thing that actually had any real value was the Bitcoin and that's a result of powering down my SteemIt account. Lesson learned right.

But it's done nothing for my feelings for Atomic Wallet. It's software with a confusing UI. It's support crew are lacking in any real ability to help. In fact the two times I've sought help I ended up fixing the issue (the above one) myself with zero input from them and ended up being scammed. Not a good look.

Look, I know the scamming was my fault. I'm new and naive when it comes to cryptocurrencies. But more and more people seem to be using Telegram for support and that's where it went tits up. Had I been using e-mail like last time this wouldn't have happened. I thought I'd get better answers from a messaging system like Telegram. I don't mind paying for support but I was not helped at all by this wallet.

Stay well away from this wallet. There is nothing good about a system dealing with currency (crypto or otherwise) that has a bad UI.


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