Wallet challenge

Wallet challenge

By lowededwookie | LowededWookie | 30 Jun 2020

After my previous post (Well that was fun) I've decided I need a new wallet. The problem is that I'm having trouble finding one that meets my needs.

I need a wallet that does all of this:

  • Mac client
  • iOS client
  • Steem support
  • Hive support
  • Loopring support
  • BAT support
  • DAI support

The closest I get is Binance but it doesn't give me DAI. I'm not overly concerned but at the moment I have nowhere to go with DAI.

I could use the wallet in Brave Browser which works well but then I need to move over some ETH to do anything with it.

For the moment though I'm taking a two pronged approach. Uphold can handle BAT and DAI and Binance will handle everything else. BAT is kind of native with Uphold due to it partnering with Brave. It seems to handle DAI so I'll just dump it there. However it can't handle Loopring (LRC), Steem/SBD, or Hive/HBD so Binance to the rescue there.

My thinking is that I can use Binance to convert everything to either BTC or ETH then once that's done I can move it to Uphold. It's probably not the soundest idea but it'll have to do for now.

It looks like a hard road to finding the perfect wallet boy... still no hurry eh?


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