Today I are mostly walking the dog

By lowededwookie | LowededWookie | 22 Apr 2024







  • Height: 161cm

  • Weight: 75.5kg

  • Waist: 87cm

  • Chest: 97cm

  • BMI: 28.84

  • Body Fat: 29.71

If I’m being honest, I hate Mondays. It’s such a tedious day of the week and this week is a pain because we have ANZAC Day on Thursday. I hate public holidays in the week because they put you back. Mind you, in the immortal words of Arthur Dent in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… “Today must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.”

Work was kind of standard and not overly taxing. Tomorrow will be a huge difference though.

Took the dog for a good long walk. We live in a sort of caldera with big hills all around us so walking is a challenge. This is great when you’re trying to kill off a few kilos.

I did make a start on my introduction video but it still needs work. I’m hoping to have it up on Friday. Who’d have thought doing so would be so hard?

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