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By lowededwookie | LowededWookie | 7 May 2022

During April I only posted content to as an experiment to see if I could use it to replace all of my social media platforms. Without giving too much away the answer is “Yes” and “No”.

For this post I will look at it from a platform by platform basis and explain if I can replace that platform with or if I still need that platform.


This is the platform that is clearly aimed at. As such it does a great job. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should want to replace with Twitter, except maybe for noticeability. Twitter has more users which equals more follower potential. But it requires so much effort to make Twitter work for you to earn money.’s tipping system is so much easier to earn with than Twitter can ever give.

And this isn’t anything mentioning Elon Musk’s takeover and supposed Dogecoin integration.

Twitter does do one thing that I’ve love to see in When a user posts a link, Twitter then shows that link with a brief synopsis in much the same way a news site does. I really wish would do this.

Can Twitter be replaced by Yes


Facebook is one of the grand daddies of evil. Its collection of data on us that it then sells gives many a desire to ditch the platform. is almost there to replace Facebook. At its simplest is more than capable of replacing Facebook. Its ability to post long-form posts mirrors the changes Facebook took that moved it away from being a Twitter clone to a fully functional blogging platform. has no character limit which moves it from being a Twitter replacement to a Facebook replacement. has no ads which means it doesn’t track you (confirmed through Safari’s Privacy Report). It might have some sort of internal tracker but it doesn’t phone out to other places… that can be tracked at least. This might change as BCH moves off platform eventually, but as long as there are philanthropic people like Mark De Mesel then this will be a long way away. also has Channels which mirrors Facebook’s Pages feature.

There is nothing that FB does at its core that isn’t doing already. This is great because it means there is no reason to support FB at all in this day and age.

Can Facebook be replaced by Yes


This is a tough one because I really want to replace Instagram with but I can’t. As a photo sharing tool can easily replace Instagram but I don’t like how photos are at the end of a post on noise. It’s not a deal breaker but with Instagram the photo is the story and I prefer this approach. I’d like to move the photos to the top of the post and the text describing below. This would make more Instagram like and therefore a great replacement.

But the lack of video sharing is what stops me from ditching Instagram. I do understand the storage capacity issue here but how cool would it be to share ALL forms of media on this platform? If videos were allowed to be uploaded to then The Big Three social platforms would be gone from my life entirely.

Can Instagram be replaced by No - photos at top of post are important and video uploading is needed


While is not a video sharing site, the ability to upload videos directly to could easily allow us to ditch YouTube and Google’s data tracking. I realise that this is not’s focus and could be replaced by using or, but those sites have a heinous interface that makes me want to have my eyeballs ripped out my nostrils by rabid wolverines.

If I’m honest I’m not really expecting noise to replace YouTube. However, having the ability to upload long videos and add tags etc would reduce the need for this platform.

Can YouTube be replaced by No


See Instagram and YouTube

Can Snapchat and/or TikTok be replaced by No / Hive / Publish0x / Medium:

These platforms and others like them are pretty difficult to let go of I’m honest.

While does allow for long form posting, it doesn’t allow for document formatting which means a lot gets lost. You’ll understand this when I post this article on the above platforms. isn’t aiming to replace these sites though. As such it isn’t making an effort to add these missing features and I’m okay with that.

Sure, you could replace these platforms with if you really wanted to, but it will cost you in terms of a decent income. I make more in one post on than I do in a month of posting on and I can make even more on Hive.

The reality is just works so much better as a Facebook/Twitter replacement than an article site.

Can / Hive / Publish0x / Medium be replaced by Yes but why would you?

I wanted to find out if I could reduce my social media presence to just one site. The simple answer to this is no. works well for it’s intended purpose, that of a Twitter and Facebook replacement. I’d love to see it be an Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok replacement as well. Then it would be an all-in-one social media platform but we’ll have to see about this.

For this to truly happen there is one thing that MUST happen and that is a native app on iOS and Android. iOS should be the priority as the people who most influence platforms seem to hang out there. That’s not to say Android isn’t just as important either. The app must be native and not a webpage app for a couple of reasons:

  • they’re not allowed on App Store.
  • they don’t allow for offline editing.

An app would boost noticeability and get more people interested in this platform. It will also allow users a much quicker way of just picking up and posting, one that is more natural than just using a webpage.

All in all suits most of our social media needs. It just needs a handful of useful adjustments like uploading videos, photos and videos at top of posts, and better date displays.

Dang is it so close to allowing us to ditch the big three social platforms.

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