Keeping track

Keeping track

By lowededwookie | LowededWookie | 12 Jul 2020

I decided to start using a spreadsheet to keep track of my meagre cryptos that I've earned from Publish0x, Brave, SteemIt, Hive, etc. Like I say I've got stuff all crypto but after a couple of weeks ago I've lost about $80(NZD) due to an Atomic Wallet scam on Telegram. That coin was earned from powering down my SteemIt account. I'm still in that process and I'm also powering down my Hive account because I'm not going to use it anymore.

So I setup a spreadsheet using Apple's Numbers. I like Numbers because it has functionality that isn't actually in Excel. For instance check out this:

f4f20e4f46f986f7667a90aa99db4f00d33520d8e83ed4472b21b1bd50b0d30a.pngAll of the currencies listed in this table are inserted using the CURRENCY formula. This looks like this:


Here's how to do it in Excel. Quite a bit more tedious yeah? It's not bad but it's not an internal formula either.

Sadly this formula doesn't accept crypto currencies but that could easily change in the future if cryptos ever take off in the common world. 

So as you can see I've got the numbers copied and pasted into Worksheets that are related to the various locations I'm monitoring. These currently are Publish0x, Binance, Uphold, and Coinpot which is there to house the coin mined using MoonBitcoin. Then the last worksheet simply takes those totals and gives me a quick look at what I'm worth in real world money. Not a lot as it stands.


I think for someone new to cryptos a spreadsheet can help you to make sense of where you're tracking. There's obviously a decent amount of manual work which I've made a bit easier in my spreadsheet with the links to Publish0x's pages showing the costs of the coins. One day it could be all automated but for now this works for me.

Incidentally I'm not going to use wallets. I've not found anything that suits my needs so I'm using exchanges against popular opinion. I know these exchanges can handle the currencies I use and so I don't have any issues storing them. Also when it comes to the likes of Binance I can use its Savings feature to gain interest and make some small increases as a result.

The last thing I'm working on is using a little more as well. It'll more or less just be reprints of my Publish0x content but ultimately I'll see how it all comes together along the way. I might specialise or I might just keep it as a mirror of this site. I have to play a careful game with that one because it bit me at one stage on SteemIt and Publish0x when I was in the middle of moving between sites. I'm starting to get used to more so I think it will be a good platform in the long run.


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