Trail Log #1

By love22 | love22 | 4 Apr 2020

Location:  Lost Dutchman State Park, Apache Junction, Arizona, USA


Strava Data:  12.69 miles/20.42 km; Elevation Gain 4,756 ft/1449.63 m; Time 4h 32m


Please note, however, that the GPS did glitch a bit while in the ravine/gorge area and caused spiking of the data so the miles and elevation gain are not accurate, however, I did push extra mileage while traversing both sides of the summit, however, the elevation gain should have been around 2700-2900 ft gain.


The adventure started by pulling up to the gate and paying the $7.00 park entrance fee.  From there you take the road to the very last parking lot.  You will want to start this trail on the Siphon Draw trailhead which will pretty much take you all the way up to the top of Flatiron Summit (5057 ft /1541.4 m).





Note that the trail is really well marked until you pass up and over the rock wash along the back end where Siphon Draw trail becomes Upper Siphon Draw trail.  There are multiple splits and I would highly recommend just continuing up the straight climb as we had taken the left path and what seemed easier did cause us to have to scramble up over very tall, smooth rock at the falls. 


This is a strenuous climb to the top and once you reach what is called “the wall” there are three different paths to climb up.  I recommend taking the left path and utilizing the native shrubs to grab onto in order to ascend “the wall.”


You will see “praying hands” as pictured below when you are approaching “the wall.”





After you ascend “the wall” you will then have an option to head to the left or right.  To the right side is a very nice path that takes you to the Flatiron summit





The following series of photos shown below are from the Flatiron summit and also along the rim of the opposite side showing the summit view from multiple angles:














There was a lot of wildlife that was spotted while on this trail.  From crows and turkey vultures to various lizards, chipmunks, and a wonderful display of flowers that were just starting to bloom.  Take the hedgehog cactus for example in the photo below: 




This is a trail that you will definitely need to take your time when descending.  There was a person that needed to be rescued by helicopter and another that had lost their footing when descending and went into a tumble down the rocks.  Luckily, for the gentleman he didn’t seem to have broken any bones but was pretty banged up all over from the impacts with the jagged rocks.  Please if deciding to do this trail make sure that you do bring plenty of water during the warmer months and also do not hurry to get back down off of the mountain.  Take your time with each and every step as this was one of the most dangerous trails that I have personally done. 


Some photos of the descent for your viewing pleasure:










Thank you for taking the time to review my journey and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to drop a message.  More to come soon!

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