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Why ducks are the superior species?

By Simouille | Love the life | 21 Apr 2021

why ducks are the superior species?



Duck is the common name for the waterfowl family Anatidae which also includes swans and geese. They have very short webbed legs and long pointed wings, domesticated or not. The most famous is the mallard duck recognizable thanks to its neck and its green head. The wild duck is a migratory bird and may be found in both fresh water and seawater.




Several different ducks exist, here are a few examples:


Mandarin Duck



Ringed Teal                                                                                        


Flying Streamer Duck



  Pekin Duck                                             
  Crested Duck



Capabilities/uses of Duck


There is the different duck, some can fly, swim, or walk, they can do everything and of course, the most important they are so cute and do “quak quak”. It’s for that Duck are the superior species. You can have a domestic duck hug him but beware of the smell 😊. Duck can also be eaten, it’s very good. I think everyone should have a duck at home like Chandler in the TV series Friends, he going to give you most joy than you think.

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Love duck !! <3

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