Quarantine Life

By JMSajol | Love and Life | 30 Oct 2020

 When the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 here in the Philippines, the government has no choice but to force the country to lockdown. What happening right now in our world is like a war that is invisible because you are not able to see your enemy but the enemy has the chance to kill anybody. This pandemic gives an impact on the life of all people.    

Nobody predicted that this quarantine will happen to the entire country. But this is for our good so that for as long as we could we should stay at home and follow the advice from our government.    

Many people are affected by this quarantine because others lost their job due to the "no work no pay policy", and the studies of most students are suspended. Many people are suffering from hunger. Fortunately and some people heartedly share their blessings with those who need assistance.     

Those front-liners who are considered modern heroes nowadays are so brave and voluntarily offer themselves to serve our Filipino citizens. They take good care of COVID-19 patients. They sacrifice themselves to sentinel in the checkpoints and those vendors selling goods in the market.     

Being in quarantine is not easy because you like a prisoner behind the railings and hoping someone will help you. We are not able to do the things we did before but to stay put. One thing that a person will learn from this quarantine is that we should not forget to have savings so that when the time comes like this pandemic you will have money to get and spend on.     

Therefore, we must help each other, spread positivity, and ignore negativity. We will surpass this pandemic and live back to normal. We believe the verse mentioned above that anything will be alright if everyone will pray together and give thanks to it. We fight as one, we heal as one.

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