Earth2io #EasterEggHunt--- 50 x $100 To spend in Earth2 also 5x Grand Prize

Earth2io #EasterEggHunt--- 50 x $100 To spend in Earth2 also 5x Grand Prize

By LonelyBoy2021 | LonelyBoy | 4 Apr 2021

This Is Super Hard!

The Earth2 Easter Egg Hunt is underway. The important links are below. Its pretty hard to spot any but maybe its my old eyes! Good luck and Happy Easter! There are 5 eggs hidden in the Youtube video attached with many many prizes for runners up


The Facebook post says each egg )x5) has a Grand Prize as well as having 50 runners up (so I assume that means 250!)

Easter Egg Video

Facebook Post with rules:

For newbies (to setup an account):

What is Earth2?- Earth 2 is our current earth, but wiped clean and cleared of human influence. An opportunity to start again and perhaps do it better the second time around. 

Players can currently purchase land tiles and collect land income tax as other tiles in their country are purchased. 

What the final launch project will be... anyones idea! Hopefully blockchain based but that has yet to be confirmed.

I have been invested since quite early on and in theory my $100 land purchases have gone up to appx $400. If I had gotten in earlier then my gains would be substantially more but at this stage I'm not really sure who there is out there to buy tiles on the market anyway.  It feels like the project has moved quite slowly while at the same time many other games have stolen their thunder. 

The project has quite a strong team with connection to Oculus and the pre-game videos do look promising.

For now its hard to know how it will go, or how it will even look when the game kicks off. If they did Alien Worlds style mining for crypto then being a tileholder could bring some great profits in the future. Theres no comparison to AW as E2 has 2 billion tiles for sale (I think, appx) so the land wont rush into the thousands like it has on AW.

For the sake of a benjamin i figured it was worth a shot!

For tileholders... there's an Easter Egg hunt and the launch of essence tomorrow on the site. Happy hunting!


Join my Earth2 clan on Torum:

Here is a link to one of my entries but I honestly have no idea!

Happy Hunting and Happy Easter

(1) shadymalgill on Twitter: " #Earth2EasterEggHunt" / Twitter



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