Review of RachelX ,a blockchain based Erotic Platform

By Sodaf | lohladex | 20 Aug 2019


Prostitution has been among the oldest business in the world. Nowadays , so much attention has been focused on Porn industry due to its profitability and higher rate of patronage. RachelX intends to explore deeply the erotic industry and offering the best services to their users. RachelX focus on optimizing and achieving the best in this field of erotic business by combining real life with virtual technology to give their users the the best experience so far. RachelX concepts will revolutionize the erotic industry and taking adult entertainment industry to another level. All users can access the RachelX services in 3 different ways which will explain extensively in the preceding paragraph. RachelX Virtual, RachelX live and RachelX Pure.

WHAT IS RachelX?

RachelX is multi dimension erotic platform whose goals is to offer their customers both Virtual and Real erotic experience . They try the to combine these 2 practical business concept in other to give their various users the best erotic experience they never experienced in the erotic market ever. They work towards providing their users both real life and virtual World erotic fantasy and experience through their amazing Platform. They want to revolutionize the industry by bringing in new services which will give users an erotic adventure. The Virtual World created byb RachelX will implement the latest Virtual Reality Technology in which the Virtual World will be providing 3D body scanners, series of hot models and the 360 Camera which will make this experience very possible. RachelX will offer Pure Scan Technology will enable an accurate scan of the whole body and enable users act as avatars and doing it wit the chosen dream models. RachelX Real live features allows users meeting with their chosen model in real life and enjoying the services offered by the models.



(i) RachelX : This service allow user to keep in touch with their model in Camera Chat in RachelX Manga with a special manga style . RachelX 360 degrees camera will enable users having access to anywhere they intends sharing their fantasies . They can as well arrange virtual or real life meetings. The entire Platform is fun-fill , they intend creating special platform for interactions with some hot models and organizing erotic parties on occasions.

(ii) RachelX VIRTUAL : This involves the use of latest virtual reality technology , giving users chances of participating in soft touch and amazing virtual feelings in RachelX Virtual Reality(VR)

(iii) RachelX PURE : This is the real life experience , the real world experience in RachelX house .Users will meet the model of their choice in real life , enjoying varieties of services offered by them. (iv) RachelX Escort. This services enable users to be able to arrange trip or travelling on excursion with the RachelX ladies of their choice.

(iv) RachelX Motel and Suites: This service offered users ability to good time with RachelX models in the comfort of modern style hotel , equipment with special RachelX factors, it could be for a night , weekend or short holiday.

RachelX IEO is listed in the following Exchanges




RACH is a native cryptocurrency which will be used in RachelX ecosystem. RACH is ethereum based token (ERC-20).RACH Token will be the native currency used to subscribe various services available in both real and Virtual World in RachelX Platform .Currently RACH IEO is live in 4 different Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Interested investors can acquire their desired amount of token in the exchange launchpad. The token can be purchased on Latoken exchange, ExMarket Exchange, Vindax Exchange and Finexbox Exchange at 20-25% Bonus .

Final thought,

RachelX is one among the top project of 2019 . It is a project with relevance and working Products.Combining Virtual Reality and Real life experience will be a game changing concept in Erotic market and am sure there would be lots of market for RachelX services.I resolved it worth considering this class of project for investment.



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