FILM REVIEWS; contemporary, erotic cinema for quiet nights in 🔥

FILM REVIEWS; contemporary, erotic cinema for quiet nights in 🔥

By (S)llew la Wulf | Llewella_love_wolf | 20 Feb 2021

Re last night's post, here are my film reviews; I watched both The Housemaid and Crash, respectively. As it turns out, that was the right way round to do it... 


The Housemaid


Directed by Im Sang-Soo, this film is on one hand an exciting, well written piece of erotic melodrama; keeping you, the audience hooked and on the edge of your seat with the twists and turns in the narrative. On the other, a sumptuous piece of cinematography, not entirely dissimilar to Peter Greenaway's style.


The storyline in many ways is quite clichéd (it is a remake apparently, I wonder what the 60s original is like?); young, attractive and slightly naïve housemaid goes to work for a rich family. The lady of the house is heavily pregnant with twins and the man of the house; a privileged character who is used to having his own way and always getting what he wants, decides he wants a bit of extra curricular activity with the new and attractive hired help. Initially it looks unfortunately like an abusive rape scene, as he goes into her bedroom and demands she show him her body, but quite quickly it becomes apparent she is way more than simply compliant.


The young maid falls pregnant... The sex scene that leads to this conception is executed interestingly... She is lying naked in wait for him... He comes to her and fucks her but asks him not to cum inside her. He loses his shit basically and does. It sets up this idea of complicity, blame and tragedy. She is the one held accountable for this little mishap, not the man, husband and father. An individual who always gets what he wants seemingly, including in the heat of the moment, to cum inside a woman who asks him not to. The story ends up being a tragedy of somewhat Shakespearean proportions, as you can imagine, it was never going to end well for the housemaid.


Definitely worth a watch, I'd give it 7 out of 10. If you like this and want something of a similar timbre, try The Handmaiden.


Far superior in regards narrative, darkness and erotica. I've watched it too many times on repeat though, need to leave it another few years at least...




Well, what can I say? Am glad I watched it second, because I don't think I could have watched anything after this. Yes, a masterpiece in a multitude of ways, as Cronenberg films often are.


A world I'm not overly familiar with (as I'm sure most folk aren't); the underground fetish world of people who get off on near death, car crash experiences.


The plot is just iconic really, I mean who writes these films? It is about as far from tried n tested as you can get, as most of his films are. From the start, we are drawn in to this incredibly erotic, yet highly contrived and bizarre world of fetish sex, which just gets increasingly more intense, ridiculous, bizarre and dangerous.


One of the things I particularly like is that idea of no holds barred sexuality it is describing. I do believe that our innate sexuality, over the course of millennia, has become incredibly socialised. In some ways, this is good. For example, back in the days of the cave men, women were just raped. Taken by force, publicly. This was just rights of passage and normal. Happens à lot in the animal world too. But we have developed a sense of morality (most have anyway - rape is still a massive societal issue, but at least it is illegal 😊), that forces us to view rape as wrong. This is obviously good. But... In my experience, too many people are very hung up sexually. Unable to experiment with their desires, unable to discuss their fantasies, because, 'oh, what might that say about me as a person?' yes, I suppose there are certain things that would raise alarm bells if I heard a lover suggest it, like if a guy was fantasising about having sex with a child, wanted me to pretend to be a child, I would not be able to understand that as anything other than something not right... but then with the subject of rape. A subject I feel very strongly about, I think in healthy, consensual relationships, playing with dominance and submission can be lots of fun AND healthy, even if it does tip into what would be construed as abusive if the acted out fantasy were real. For example the practice of tying up, being held down, or spanked even. All of these things together are quite aggressive but between 2 consenting adults can be very erotic, especially if the roles are allowed to be flipped. Fine lines that need to be trodden carefully, but this is why I believe sex should be about open communication above anything else. Open communication and open minds.


In Crash, we find a community of people with this particular and dangerous fetish. It seems bizarre and unfeasible, but really is it? It is not something I can see myself personally getting into, but I can see how someone would and I thoroughly enjoyed the interplay between the characters and the way the narrative developed.


One aspect of the film that I found particularly strong was how Cronenberg relayed the eroticsm of the car crash; the steaming wreck...the sound of metal creaking...the dripping of engine fluid. It was effective and really drew you in to the dark fetish sexuality of this world... The sex scenes, I have to say, we're pretty amazing too. Not super realistic, but hey, isn't that what the Internet is for? 😂


I would give this a 9 out of 10. I know the stilted, off beat delivery of lines is a very Cronenberg feature, but at points I found it a bit much in this... For me, it could have done with being a little bit more gritty. Maybe get Ken Loach to do a remake :-) now THAT would be fabulous.


Are there any erotic films I would give a 10 out of 10 to? Yes actually...





Gorgeously sexy. Beautiful people, bare faced, up front real sex and a great storyline. And ps, DON'T watch it in 3D... I did the first time I saw it, it was a bit much :-) 


In the mood for love


Not really any actual sex but deeply erotic with the suspense (one of my favourite films ever). 


Nymphomaniac parts 1 and 2


Open with caution... To call this erotic is perhaps a perspective. It is seriously dark and disturbing. Don't expect to feel aroused but don't be too hard on yourself if you do get a ripple of feeling at points. Lars Von Trier at his finest. 


Anyone has any other recommendations, please feel free... 



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