Waves Sea Battle - Turning Classic Board Game into a Dapp

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 7 Sep 2019

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Turning Classic Board Game into a DAPP

Today i want to share a cool dapp that operates under Waves blockchain called Sea Battle, you need Waves Keeper in order to use to play in this platform. The system works in the way that you place a wager on and someone can challenge you and you fight for the pot, so in case wager is 1.5 Waves the pot will be 3.0 Waves and winners takes all (Plus small commission by the Dapp) 

  • Overall its a very detailed and smooth experience, sadly due to bear market the popularity has dropped quite a bit since the peak playerbase during april. But i think it will recover some after more exposure comes to Waves blockchain in general

If you're interested trying Waves Sea battle out you can do it here, they also have a tutorial how to login with waves keeper and start playing -> https://wavesseabattle.io/


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