My weekly R-Planet staking experiment! (WEEK 1). What are R-Planet elements?

My weekly R-Planet staking experiment! (WEEK 1). What are R-Planet elements?

Hi everyone, i’m back with this weeks news of what I earned in week 1. I will be sharing the results of my experiment with you every Friday. Just today on Thursday, because I don't have time to do this on Friday. This week we also going to learn what are R-Planet NFT’s? For people that are new on my blog every week for a year i’m going to stake NFT’s on R-Planet and we gonne take a look what i have earned that week. Also im going to buy R-Planet NFT’s to accumulate compounding interest. For the people who don't know what R-planet is.

R-Planet explained in a few sentences:

Stake your unused NFTs for profit and enjoyment!

R-PLANET” a revolutionary NFTs-staking system, which allows you to benefit from unused NFTs and have a lot of fun. You probably have some NFTs you are not using. Don’t let them collect dust.

This is the first and only multi-project NFT DEFI system in the galaxy.
А unique NFTs DeFi system sole within this Galaxy were created thanks to cooperation of WECAN and CryptoLions.

What are R-planet element NFT’s?

There are FT (fungible token) and NFT (non fungible token) elements and are 2 different things. The four basic elements are wind, earth, fire and water, they are FT’s. You can putt them in a generator on the R-planet website and so you can create something new. If you are lucky you will get a new element FT and a NFT. But there will be ongly 600 NFT elements available per element. The 600 NFT,s are devided  into common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and mystic rarity’s. With this NFT’s you can earn Aether per hour. It depends on rarity and the element what you will earn. Also useful to know is that R-Planet NFTs will never get less staking value per hour. Other NFTs from other projects may generate less Aether per hour. So it's important that you don't buy other NFTs from other projects just to stake them. Because this can turn out very differently than you hoped, please always consider this when buying NFT's just for staking purposes. 

If you look at this chart down below you will see an example how it works into detail. And you will see how you can earn FT’s, NFT, WAX and more:


On this example down below you will see a sample of what elements are discovered and are still need to be discovered: 


Earnings and Final thoughts

This is week 1 and I'm going to show you how my experiment is going so far. According to the RP whale calculator I make $ 3,960 dollar in a year at the moment. I spended about $4000 on R-planet NFTs.The course of this week is not really sunny. There has been a drop in my earnings of over $6000. Now this doesn't mean I'm sad or cheering, but this is a simple run of my experiment. That's why  have expected this can happen. It is also true that R-Planet has only been around for 3 months and the game is not yet fully developed.

Here you will see what the RP calculator is telling me: 


Here you will see my passive income and my account holdings:


Diamond hands will be rewarded they always say. So I believe in R-Planet and the team behind R-Planet. So selling is not an option for me. It will be very interesting to see how the value of Aether will evolve in the coming months. You may be wondering why I'm not afraid of my experiment going wrong. That's because I know that Aether will be used for more things in the game in the future. I am very excited about R-planet and their staking system. Of course it is still in beta form but I believe this will change soon. Ultimately, it is intended to be a game that will attract many people. R-planet has only been around for about 3 months and is already one of the most popular Dapps. I thought it's time to show you what R-planet is and what you could possibly earn with it. R-planet has even more different options that will be incorporated into the game. Every week I also want to spotlight an NFT. Or tell you more about R-planet itself. If you like this experiment or have any further suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

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