My weekly R-planet staking experiment! (WEEK 0). Earn by staking NFT’s!

My weekly R-planet staking experiment! (WEEK 0). Earn by staking NFT’s!

Hi everyone I've played some more with WAXP, AtomicHub, Anchor wallet and the Waxcloudwallet. I have come across a lot of fun and very interesting projects that are built on the WAX blockchain. I'd like to talk about one of these projects now. This project is called R-planet. I thought it was a fun idea to do an experiment for a year with R-planet staking. For the people who don't know what R-planet is.

R-planet explained in a few sentences:

Stake your unused NFTs for profit and enjoyment!

R-PLANET” a revolutionary NFTs-staking system, which allows you to benefit from unused NFTs and have a lot of fun. You probably have some NFTs you are not using. Don’t let them collect dust.

This is the first and only multi-project NFT DEFI system in the galaxy.
А unique NFTs DeFi system sole within this Galaxy were created thanks to cooperation of WECAN and CryptoLions.

Now I bought some R-planet element NFT's on AtomicHub. Because of this I currently earn 9595.391 Aether a/hour. The idea I toyed with was to share a schedule of what I earn with you each week. Now I will also buy new R-planet element NFTs every month so i will earn compounding interest. This experiment will be funded by previous R-planet NFTs I've purchased. With this experiment I want to see what you can earn in a year with R-planet element NFTs. This experiment is for entertainment only and not investment advice.

My main R-planet staking wallet

This is the wallet I will be using to show you what I earn every week and month.


Here you can see staking passive income and my account holdings.


What R-planet NFT's i bought so far?

Here you can see i bought 10 R-planet element NFT's for the first week. This was on the 18th of june 2021. 



Earnings and Final thoughts 

I don't have any updates for this week. But I'm going to update you guys every week on what I earn with various screenshots and findings. According to the rp whale calculator I make $10,000 in a year. I spent about $4000 on R-planet NFTs. So now the joke is to see in a year what I earn per hour in Aether. So also its funny to look how many R-planet NFT's i can buy with the earnd Aether. 

I am very excited about R-planet and their staking system. Of course it is still in beta form but I believe this will change soon. Ultimately, it is intended to be a game that will attract many people. R-planet has only been around for about 3 months and is already one of the most popular Dapps. I thought it's time to show you what R-planet is and what you could possibly earn with it. R-planet has even more different options that will be incorporated into the game. Every week I also want to spotlight an NFT. Or tell you more about R-planet itself. If you like this experiment or have any further suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

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