Chainlink News: Blockchain Services Network (BSN) will use Chainlinks oracle service!

Chainlink News: Blockchain Services Network (BSN) will use Chainlinks oracle service!

Good news has come out today about Chainlink. In my view, this is very good news. Here you will find the link to the news: 301081572.html

The Blockchain Services Network launched by China will use the Chainlink oracle. This integration will ensure that the government and companies can add validated real-world data to BSN applications. This then goes in combination with the Chainlink oracles with the IRITA interchain service hub. The SNZ Pool operator will run nodes to provide some support.  


Chainlink's price has skyrocketed as a result:  

What does Oracle integration provide?

As a result, the users of the BSN network will have extra security, reliability and interconnectivity. It must further ensure that there will be more acceptance for the use of Blockchain applications. I certainly think this is a big step forward in the right direction of adoption by many different companies around the world. Or governments and companies will become more curious about the use of Blockchain applications.

What do the people behind the project say about it?

Yifan He, CEO of Red Date Technology says the following about the integration:

"One of the main goals of BSN is to provide interoperability to all DApps, whether they are for authorized chains or public chains. On BSN, every Dapp should be able to call other Dapps in a very convenient and inexpensive way. This collaboration with Chainlink, IRITA and SNZ Pool will help us achieve this goal and ensure that BSN users gain new levels of security, achieve reliability and interconnectivity."

Sergey Nazarov, co-founder of Chainlink says the following about this collaboration:

"We're excited to help build out BSN's global infrastructure project by providing secure and reliable oracle services. By connecting BSN applications to real-world data, smart contracts can bring new levels of automation and trust to global agreements."

The projects and companies behind this news

BSN is a cross-cloud, cross-portal, cross-framework blockchain-based infrastructure network. To read more about this go to: 

IRISnet is a so-called interchain service hub that takes care of distributed applications. This is built with Cosmos and IRIS-SDK.

SNZ pool is a so-called proof on stake provider that ensures the delivery of pools and that it can be mined properly through proof of stake. To read more about this go to:

Final thoughts

I am very pleased with this collaboration. It shows that there is an increasing adoption for the use of the blockchain in the real world. It will also not end with the adoption of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, it was said that the collaboration between Chainlink and BSN ensures greater growth and demand for blockchain applications in the world. I certainly agree with this, but we still have to wait and see what this conspiracy will bring.

I am very curious what other collaborations will bring to Chainlink and future partners!


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