AtomicHub: NFT Marketplace, WAX the currency and NFT games on WAX! What you need to know

AtomicHub: NFT Marketplace, WAX the currency and NFT games on WAX! What you need to know

Recently I started researching the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT’s). You can see enthusiasm growing among users and newcomers like myself. I then looked at what the fuzz was all about.

It is certainly a world not to be underestimated, because NFT’s can become immensely popular among many more users. It is now only a very small world. Artists who can digitally sell their skills is just a small example.

I went to see what a starter in the world of NFT’s should know.
We will look at what is an NFT, how can you use it, where can you buy it and how can you make it yourself.

What is Waxp?

WAX is a type of blockchain designed to make e-commerce transactions faster, easier and more secure. WAX uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). For example, WAX is backwards compatible with EOS.

The functions are made in such a way that they can make e-commerce work better, easier and more secure. Similarly, WAX has made several products that run on the blockchain. dApps, marketplaces and NFTs. These products make it easier to increase the e-commerce of NFTs, for example. See here also Atomichub. What we'll talk about. Another example is the WAX Cloud wallet.

This makes it possible to achieve block times of 500 milliseconds and to keep costs as low as possible. Likewise, you can participate in rewards given for voting in order to select the block producers and vote for proposals.

What we are going to talk about:

  • What is WAXP?
  • What is a NFT?
  • What is AtomicHub?
  • NFT games on wax
  • Final thoughts

What is a NFT?

An NFT is a unique type of asset that you could compare to a painting by a famous painter of which there is only 1 unique copy. Each NFT is unique and each NFT has its own metadata. Giving the item a unique place on the blockchain. For example, not all NFTs are transferable and some are. This differs per blockchain. For example, WAX is backwardly competitive with EOS.

Furthermore, an NFT can be, for example, a utility token, a security token, an artwork or an in-game item. By owning a unique NFT, you are the only one who owns this item. This item cannot be transferred without permission from the owner. Not even by its maker. NFTs became the talk of 2017 with the arrival of CryptoKitties. The value of NFTs lies in the uniqueness of the item, how many are made of it and by supply and demand.

What is AtomicHub?

AtomicHub is a marketplace for NFTs where you can pay with the wax coin. There are also other coins that you can pay with on Atomichub. WAX was eventually expanded to the EOS mainnet. This has enabled NFT transfers to be made between the wax blockchain and the EOS blockchain.

As a result, more people will come into contact with the world of NFTs. Atomichub is simply made to buy, sell and trade NFTs. You can also make and sell your own NFTs on Atomichub. Buying NFTs on Atomichun is super fast and cheap.

You only pay a small amount for this. The larger the amount, the higher the fee. But it is still cheaper than NFTs sold through the Ethereum blockchain. As a result, I never started collecting NFTs on the Ethereum network.

NFT games on wax

There are a number of NFT games located on the WAX blockchain, most of these games are still in beta at the moment. Some of these games are AlienWorlds, DarkCountry and KOGS. KOGS are cards you need to play different games. Alienworlds is my favorite NFT game at the moment. You can mine NFT’s through the beta version and mine Trillium (the in game currency) at the same time. You can exchange Trilium for WAX via  

Alien Worlds, which pitches itself as 'DAOs and DeFi in space,' is among a handful of titles at the forefront of monetizing in-game NFTs for players Cointelegraph

For example, you can buy a piece of land and have people mine on it, so that you receive a fee in Trillium. For example, it is only possible to mine, combat and multiple options will be added to the game in the future.  

This is the roadmap of alien worlds: 


Final thoughts

Wax is cheaper then the fee eating monster called Ethereum. So I recommend everyone to take a look at wax and the world of NFTs. You have several NFT games on the wax blockchain that in my opinion could cause a bit of a stir in the NFT game world.

Wax has many advantages over other blockchain on which NFTs can be stored. WAX is the cheapest and easiest way to start collecting NFTs. Of course you can always take a look at what other blockchains have to offer after this. So WAX is cheap, fast and very easy to use.


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- If you send your coins or tokens think twice before doing so!


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