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By lifeisaproduct | lifeisaproduct | 12 May 2021

Hi all,

great to be here! According to our name > life is a product <, we believe that one can live life by reflecting, informing oneself, selecting and deciding how we live life and consume it like a product. lifeisaproduct does not mean: the more, the better. We are also very curious about topics such as sustainability and minimalism.

We want to create a good to know channel / blog and a community to exchange about

  • great products (physical and virtual ones),
  • services,
  • apps,
  • tools,
  • hacks,
  • daily things etc.

For example, investing and focusing on certain cryptocurrencies requires your active decision to spend your (life) time on those specific ones. We are excited about such active decisions and the underlying reasons. And our excitement applies to all areas of life.

We look forward to make progress on our idea and blog. Until then, our first version of lifeisaproduct is presented as > produktspass < on Instagram (in German). Gladly, follow and contact us!

Thank you!

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Product fan based in Germany with the goal of creating a product fan & good to know community


lifeisaproduct takes the view on life that all of our decisions are consumption decisions. E.g. we decide what we eat, the clothes we wear, the friends we spend time with etc. Hence, we consume particular things in life. We are excited about decision processes, great products, services, apps etc. and good to know knowledge. We are based in Germany and happy to exchange!

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