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By Yayaya13 | Life Experiences | 12 Aug 2020


Good day everyone! As a promise,I'll be posting an article about Mental Illness, its reasons, factors and ways to counter it.

This article was based on personal experiences, observation and plain opinion and I am open if you'll comment articles and studies related to this that can be my guide for the next update😊

Enjoy reading!


So what is mental illness?

Mental illness is a wide range of mental health disorders that affects our way of thinking, behavior or even our mood from time to time or when a specific disorder attacks. Some examples are anxiety, deppresions and many more that could affect and ruin our daily routine.

These disorders are sometimes a block or hindrance to our progress daily. Imagine being locked and drown in your own thoughts, it will took you hours or sometimes a day(depending on a person's mental state) to get back to reality and focus on what youre doing.

Mental illness occurs usually when we

  1. lack of understanding

    • this happens to both parties,like for example a man was busy doing his tasks when suddenly his downline appear to submit some paperworks, the man didnt take a look at least and just throw it on the floor saying it was all a mess, little did he know that his downline was also busy with other stuffs and just finish the first one due to mental block.

    • Another example is both parties are experiencing a disorder but the other one always nag and nag as if it will motivate them to do more.

  2. Lack of considerations

    • This is all about the situation of both parties as the other neglects the other.

  3. Had a confusions

    • Or misconceptions about a certain thing that was unclear. Like for example, your crush suddenly drop an open ended statement at night. This scenario usually leads you to overthinking.

  4. Lack of patience

    • Being impatient sometimes triggers an anxiety for the kther party as they will start being anxious about you and your guidelines and such.

  5. Had an unsaid thoughts

    • Stop this toxic behavior everyone, always clear things before and after ending a statement. It will just give you a heavy burden in your mind and chess.

  6. Are not open at least to one person

    • As much as possible, always find someone to talk to, it will bring you peace

  7. Unhealthy lifestyle

    • You know what I mean here, live a healthy and balance life, always observe moderations.

The abovementioned reasons and factors of mental illness are not exactly the same for others, you can comment below for additions and such😊


How to stop or prevent or fight mental illness?

Mental illness for me is unpredictable,hence it is unstoppable but by maintaining a propper self care, we might prevent this disorder. Manage your time and activities, do some journals,find new friends and do what makes you comfortable with. Always remember inorder to live a balance life know the word moderation.


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