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What makes you fulfilled?

By NokP | Life and how we perceive it. | 20 Apr 2021


Hello and welcome to the first post of this blog. I thought a lot about how to start this out and I came up with this simple question: What makes you fulfilled? I believe we all have different answers for that, some common ones(and there's nothing wrong with them being common) are love, money and a sense of importance. I'd like to explore those reasons in this post


A simple but very deep answer. Love is one of the most primal emotions we as human beings can experience. Almost everyone has loved or loved something or someone in their lives. Be it platonic love or romantic love. But why do you think it make us feel fulfilled? Why is it so important to so many of us? Maybe it's just because it feels nice, maybe it's something deeper than that. But what about being loved back? Is that the point of love? What about when someone cares for an elderly person with dementia, the elderly person might not know them but the person taking care of them still loves them. Maybe we feel fulfilled through love because of all the memories it creates.


Why money? Why would inanimate objects (or numbers in case of crypto) make us fulfilled? Do we only feel that way because of how society has raised us? To believe that a high amount of money equals success? Does success always mean having a lot of money? I really like the Cambodian fisherman story I heard a while ago: who is happier? The man in the big city going to the office and working in the rat race? Or the poor fisherman in Cambodia who goes to catch fish each day on his little boat and gets to enjoy it each night with his family? I don't believe a person as that fisherman in Cambodia exists anymore, with all the fishing industry expansion that's been going on but it's an interesting thought to consider.

Sense of importance

I believe this is the natural conclusion of what we talked about above. Feeling important, feeling like you matter, to someone or to many. It's what every human being desires. It's an intrinsic part of the human brain that makes us want to feel like we mean something. Am I important to my family? Does my partner like me? Do I make enough money? Am I loved? All those questions are attributed to the need of feeling important.


These are just some thoughts on my mind and I think they are a good start for this blog. Thank you whoever read this, don't hesitate to say hi in the comments and point out anything you believe should be pointed out. Have a great day everyone!

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Life and how we perceive it.
Life and how we perceive it.

In this blog we'll talk about thoughts on life, the meaning we find in it. We'll explore different thoughts and I'll write many personal experiences throughout. Comments and different opinions are always welcome.

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