Forgotten Artifacts (A Blockchain-Based Game)

Forgotten Artifacts (A Blockchain-Based Game)

By Ivan KR | Let's Talk About | 1 Apr 2020


Fellow blockchain enthusiasts, I present to you one very cool game, which you can really enjoy and earn some crypto for playing!


This game is called Forgotten Artifacts and it’s the first blockchain-integrated action role playing game (ARPG)!

It’s a fresh-new one, so it’s still under continuous development, but it’s fully playable and very entertaining.

Everything that you find in the game you can use to play with, and you can sell on the marketplace as well.


Speaking of earnings…


You can integrate Forgotten Artifacts with Enjin wallet in a single click-and-scan-a-qr step.

The game offers more than 32 000 items to hunt for in its dungeons, which are backed by over 12 000 ENJ.

All of those items are ERC-1155 blockchain assets, which you could trade on decentralized markets, keep safely in your wallet, or use to play the game.

Forgotten Artifacts is simple enough for everybody to play, but at the same time is super interesting, and makes you want to play more and more.

Your main goal is to explore dungeons, defeat monsters, and collect the forgotten artifacts.



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How to play Forgotten Artifacts?


First of all, you need to download the game.

Here is the link:

After you install and launch it, you will be welcomed with a tutorial quest to begin with and to get to know what’s around the city of Talmuth.

To enter a dungeon and challenge the monsters for their artifacts you will need Adventure Stones as an entry ticket.

You will receive some of those for free when you complete your tutorial quest, so you can immediately start exploring the dungeons.



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An important thing to know is that there are different dungeons, each one harder than the other.


There are 4 for the moment:

- Echoing Cavern (easiest)

- Macabre Crypt (medium)

- Haunted Catacombs (harder)

- Shattering Chamber (hardest)


Each dungeon has 4 levels, and your mission is to kill the monsters that are guarding the dungeon, and find the 4 hidden chests (one for every level), each of which will reward you with an item.

You are allowed to take out 4 items from a dungeon that you have successfully completed.

You give 1 Adventure Stone for the items you are taking out, and if you die inside of a dungeon, you are going to lose 1 Adventure Stone.



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Also, you have a huge amount of quests to complete in Forgotten Artifacts.

There are several NPCs, where you will find the details for each quest.

When you complete a quest, you get rewarded with items.

Plus, every now and then, there are special events, where you can win some pretty rare NFTs.



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How to connect your Enjin Wallet to Forgotten Artifacts?


If you don’t have Enjin Wallet yet, go and download it:


!NOTE – save your 12 word seed phrase in a safe place, so you can always access this wallet, no matter what happens with your devices.


Then go to and create an account.

All you need here is an email address, where you can confirm your registration and log in.

Now, go to Account → Wallet




You will see a button that says Link Wallet.

Simply, click on it, and scan the QR code that will pop-up with your Enjin Wallet.

You are ready to go!


From now on, you will be seeing every item you decide to keep, within your Enjin Wallet under the tab collectibles.


Keep in mind that because this is a blockchain-based game, moving around items is basically making transactions between the game and the wallet, or the marketplace.


That said, you will need to have a small amount of ETH and ENJ in your wallet to be able to cover these transactions costs.


You can buy items directly on the Enjin marketplace too.


If you don’t want to struggle with the very first items that you will get from the tutorial quest, you can always buy items from the marketplace.

The best place to find all of the items is here:

You can look at every item’s attributes, and see how much it is selling for.




I don’t recommend buying anything before you get used to the game, because you might buy something that could turn out to not be as good as you thought it would be, and because it also could happen to not match your playing style, or because it simply doesn’t do the things you thought it would do.

Just take your time to learn how to play the game, and then jump into making purchases.



The founder of Forgotten Artifacts.


Cliff Cawley is the founder, programmer, and designer of the game.

He has over 20 years of programming experience, 12 of which are with video games.

He has created apps and games for some of the giants in the industry, like Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, Android and iOS.

He is a full stack engineer, but also loves to play around with art and design.


Cliff is currently a one man army for Forgotten Artifacts, after he has decided to start his adventure in the blockchain space.


Personal experience and thoughts about Forgotten Artifacts.


I’m playing mostly for fun, and for the opportunity to earn something, while enjoying the game.

Also, given the fact that I was a big Diablo II fan, I really like what Forgotten Artifacts is presenting to us here.

The game runs smoothly even on my super basic laptop with 4 GB RAM, and with a built-in video card. On the lower graphic settings, of course.

The dungeons are really challenging, and there is a lot of adrenaline flowing when inside one of those.

Plus, it’s super interesting for me to try and collect the items needed for all the different quests.

Overall, I love the game so far!


Cliff is working very hard on improving the game, pushing new features in, and listening to people’s ideas and feedback.

In my opinion, a project doesn’t need much more to start and to turn successful, and that’s why Forgotten Artifacts is one of the few projects in the crypto space that I genuinely believe in.

So, I highly recommend the game!



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All the questions might have about the game, like NPCs, quests, dungeons, and monsters, you can find here:


If you prefer to get informed by watching videos, here is the Forgotten Artifacts YouTube channel, where you will be finding videos about events, updates, and tips.


Telegram group:


Don’t forget that the game is still in it’s early stages, so there will be a lot more constantly coming in the future.


Follow me on Twitter.


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