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RollerCoin: Tips and Tricks

Greetings fellow crypto enthusiast.

In this post I will provide some tips and tricks I've learned from my experience with RollerCoin.


To get started earning a passive income just by playing games, click the link below, register, customize your avatar, and start building your ⛏️ Mining ⛏️ empire.

RollerCoin Signup

1. You can earn with NO deposit. That's right. The more you play, the more you earn. Each game gives different rewards. Rewards increase with each WIN.


2. Earn the MAX reward! Be sure to play everyday, with enough games played you will get progressive upgrades to your PC. It lets the power you earn from games last longer, up to 7 days! To keep your upgraded PC, just WIN a game every 24 hrs, like a daily check in. Just remember, your power will start falling if you don't play.


3. Recharge your miners DAILY. If you have purchased miners, you will have a steady stream of income WITHOUT having to play the games. Electricity lasts for 5 days, after that your miners stop producing.

4. Big or small it's up to you. There are a multitude of miners to purchase, each with its own power level and size. Be sure to compare the differences, as well as cell size, 2 single cell miners CAN produce more than 1 double cell miner.

5. Follow RollerCoin on Facebook. Every week they provide a double reward to a certain coin, make sure to take advantage of special offers, promos, and specials.


6. Be on the lookout for referrals. Your friends can help you earn your first miner, just have them register using your link, and RollerCoin will compensate you up to 25% of their profit. This does NOT come out of their earnings, this bonus is given only to you.


7. Take advantage of loot boxes. There are several different loot boxes you can purchase, but one worth mentioning is the Lucky 500 RLT Box. It only costs 10RLT, but can, and often does, pay out more than purchase price, up too 500RLT. Think of it like lottery scratchers.

8. BONUS power. Each miner is unique, you can own more than one of each type, but if you own multiple different miners, they provide you with a % bonus to your power.


I hope these tips and tricks help you become the very best Roller you can be. Remember, have fun, and RollerCoin.


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Crypto enthusiast, entrepreneur. I have been earning a passive income starting from $0 for 4 years. I have a wealth of knowledge about earning sites, apps, and games.

Let's Play: RollerCoin
Let's Play: RollerCoin

This blog is about RollerCoin. A totally free, and safe game that can earn you some income, in the form of various cryptocurrencies. Read on, and learn tips and tricks for success.

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