What if BITCOIN was in fact the first NFT ?

By LP | L'essentiel du patrimoine | 14 Sep 2021

21 million.

This is the exact number of bitcoins that will be mined.


Non-fungible tokens or NFT are digital goods, collectible, unique or in limited series that can be acquired on various specialized exchanges : pop icons, comic book characters, collectible cards, ...

What the collector is looking for is a rarity, which is the token's store of value. For example on the VeVe platform, "ultra rare" NFT drops are at 2500 coins, "rare secrets" are at 1000 coins only.


We can also make the connection between the world of NFT, in vogue, and the world of Bitcoin.

And ask the question: by buying bitcoin, are we not in fact buying an NFT with 21 million copies published ?

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L'essentiel du patrimoine
L'essentiel du patrimoine

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