Matcha is finally released

Matcha is finally released

By cryptouf | Les cryptos pour les nuls | 20 Jun 2020

I was waiting for it since a long time, and i missed the early registration to be a beta testeur. But this morning I received an email saying that Matcha is finally online !





What is Matcha ?..... A decentralized exchange meaning that users swap their crypto assets peer-to-peer through the Ethereum .

Matcha is a decentralized exchange and does not require you to deposit tokens as you would when using a centralized exchange. Matcha is aggregating all the exchanges to find the best price.

Like other decentralized exchanges you can connect to Matcha using you metamask wallet for instance.



Ok ... But there is already other decentralized exchanges like this available... Paraswap, Uniswap, 1inch .... 
It's true. But Man !!!!! the interface of Matcha is just amazing ! Maybe you don't really care about that. But to me, interface and design is very important. If 2 website have the same efficiency, i'll use the one with the nicer interface. 

look at that !



You can also view in real time the rate of exchange. The main difference on Matcha is really the interface. Everything is nice and beautiful and informations are very easy to find.




An other thing i really like, and you can't do on other exchange is that you can set up the value of you swap either in the token you want to pay or the token you will receive. Let's say you want to swap Dai for ETH and you goal is to receive 2 ETH. You don't have to change the number of DAI, you can just enter that you want 2 ETH and it will tell you how many DAI you need to use.  It's not a crazy future but in some cases in can be very useful and other exchanges don't allow that. 



Les cryptos pour les nuls
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