Going bankless: Monolith , your defi visa card

Going bankless: Monolith , your defi visa card

By cryptouf | Les cryptos pour les nuls | 29 May 2020



Hi Guys

Today i'd like to speak about a project a really like and which i hope will continue to develop.

To sum up the project in 1 sentence: You have a Visa card connected to a non-custodial wallet.

More and more people are interested in DeFi (I am !). but the problem i had is the following:

Ok i have money in a non-custodial wallet, i really have my money and nobody else, I can put my provide liquididy to gain some interets . SO i have even more money. But then ? 

I hope one day we will be able to pay with crypto in shops. But at the moment, if you want to spend and buy stuffs in the " real word" you have to use Fiat at some point and concert your DAI or you favorite token in fiat. You can already find some solutions to spend your crypto with a credit card, but the wallet is centralized, so you never know what can happened .

But thanks to Monolith you can now enjoy Defi AND spend in the real word at the same time very easily 

You have acces to Defi solutions (or very soon): borrow, earn , spend, swap ... but you also have a Visa card.

The team behind the project is very nice. If you have questions, you can just ask on twitter, telegram, discord.. and they will answer very quickly. Maybe this is not really important for you. But to me it shows if a project is serious and if you can trust it. Especially if one day you have a problem. The community can help you as well. But here, the team is here in case. 





Then, this is not really relevant, but the website and the app is amazing . They really spend time and energy to provide an amzing cotumer experience . Spend 2Min on their website. You don't need to go to the museum 




Let's start. And it very easy. In 3 steps you can have you visa Card. If you don't want it, no worries. You don't have to order it.  And you can use the app as a non-custodial wallet. Of course if you order the card you will have to go through a KYC. Here people won't all agree. Is it still Defi if there is a KYC ? don't know... but if you want a card you will have to do it. ...

You can order a GBP or a EUROS card ! 

All fees can be found on the website. And everything is very clear. The only fees you have is when you top up the card. If you top up with DAI or TKN (homemade token) you have 1% fees. If you pay with DAI the 1% will go in the community contribution. TKN holders can claim their share of this community chest at any time. So basicaly fees are going to the community. Defi spirit here !




The app is also very nice and you have a lot of settings to fully control you wallet. 


Again the team is very active and they are always developing new feature in the app. So be sure that the app will evolve and propose even more features in the future.

Let's use Defi in the real world !!      


Les cryptos pour les nuls
Les cryptos pour les nuls

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