ZEN Coin Faucet - Up to 1 ZEN Every 5 Days + 150$ Giveaway In ZEN Every Month




To start earning you can click on the following link to register : getzen.cash


How to earn:

  • Daily Bonus


  • Day 1: No Bonus
  • Day 2: 1.2x
  • Day 3: 1.4x
  • Day 4: 1.6x
  • Day 5: 1.8x + a Bonus Round where you can earn up to 1 ZEN!
  • Day 6: 2x
    If you miss a day, the Daily Bonus counter resets.


  • Extra Rewards


  • Wallet verified 1.5x



  • Social Media Bonus



  • Sweet HODL! Bonus



  • Brave Browser Bonus

Earn 20% extra Faucet rewards when you use Brave browser

You can download Brave Browser from this link: brave.com


  • Referral Bonus

Invite friends and earn a special Bonus round for every referral. Each bonus round can win you up to 1 ZEN!


  • Giveaway


They are giving away $150 USD in ZEN every month. 

  • First Place: $100 USD
  • Second Place: $25 USD
  • Third Place: $25 USD

To enter into the Giveaway, you need to do small Social Media Tasks. 


  • Zen Nodes

Anyone can run a ZenNode and earn passive income, even without any technical skills. Hosting nodes with our vetted third-party providers* is a quick and easy way to start earning node rewards.

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Here are some of my latest payments.

This faucet pays instant to your ZEN wallet


getzen.cash it’s a fun and easy way to earn thousands of Zen coins every day. 



Sing up & Start earning:


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