TOVA Finance to invest 50% of purchase receipts in Salvadoran startups

TOVA Finance to invest 50% of purchase receipts in Salvadoran startups

El Salvadoran company, Tokens & Value S. A., the creator of cryptocurrency TOVA Finance has been officially launched.


Investing in entrepreneurship and the Salvadoran economy

TOVA Finance's model will be focused on a recirculation of capital benefiting the entire economy of El Salvador. 50% of the money received from TOVAS purchased in the international market will be used to invest in startups created by Salvadoran entrepreneurs. Tokens & Value S. A. seeks to become a corporate holding company that will strengthen the technology sector with 13% of the total amount of all TOVAS purchased inside and outside the country going towards the payment of Salvadoran taxes.

“TOVAcademy" Training

The investment opportunities offered by the digital world are often not realised due to misinformation and lack of education. Tokens & Value S. A. is prioritising the training of 50,000 Salvadorans in their TOVAcademy to allow them to gain a deeper understanding of Bitcoins, blockchain technology and decentralized finance. The training will be 90% financed by Tokens & Value S. A. and will be open to the Salvadoran public.

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