How I became a Rising Star

How I became a Rising Star

By Wyem | Learning_crypto | 24 Jul 2021



Rising star is a hive blockchain music career simulation game. The keywords here being: blockchain and game. Why do you care that this game is built using blockchain technology? In-game assets are NFTs that represent different cards and it has it's own token you earn while playing called Starbits. That introduces a play-to-earn aspect you wouldn't get otherwise.


  • Good music
  • Strong theme
  • NFTs
  • Starbits
  • Cheap (f2p)
  • You can take it to go on your Mobile

Trying to write the cons I realised the only things I dont like aren't cons at all. There is a limit to the amount of missions you can do but that makes sense considering you earn crypto for doing missions. The other con would be the cooldown time between missions but I actually like that. It gives me something to play at work when I can only look at my phone for a minute.


The point of the game is to level up and form a band. You start out broke busking for money, working your way up by playing shows and gaining fans. There are a lot of things to unlock that keep you busy like band member slots to different zones on the map to travel and complete missions. If you're competitive there's a ranking system you can partake in for a shot at some passive Hive currency. If you've ever wanted to become a rockstar, this game will interest you. 

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My progress:


The first thing I did was buy a pack for 5 hive (1.50$ at the time of writing) to verify my account. A pack comes with 3 cards one of which is guaranteed to be a rare. This is what I pulled:




2 commons and 1 rare. I'm not even mad.

I love opening booster packs.

I feel a little ripped off I dont get the "new card smell" you get opening physical boosters though.

I put Penny as my leader and started busking!



I started out as a level one busker like everyone else. There isnt much variety at level one because nothing is unlocked except the "illegal busking" mission. So I spammed that until I leveled up enough to do the next mission. It costs 15 energy and only takes 5 minutes to complete. It didn't take long to level up to level 2.


I unlocked "Open mic night" and started grinding away. As you can see the higher level mission the more energy consumed but also the more exp and Starbits acquired. There's a nice trick though where you spam "illegal busking" missions because they are the lowest energy mission. Each time after a mission you have the chance of finding a slice of pizza. A slice of pizza fills your energy completely. If I had a pizza box I could be storing energy. That's the next thing I am going to buy for this game. So after the first day I was level 4. The second day I continued to advance in the furthest mission I could and then do illegal busking missions in search of pizza. It has been pretty common for me to find after 4-5 missions but I might just be getting lucky. I finished the second day at level 7.


On the end of my third day I am level 10 with 3800 starbits. I have made it all the way to the "Midweek Headline Slot" mission. I had to complete one more "Busking with a license" mission before I could unlock the headlining gig. After unlocking it I used all my energy on it and went to bed. It costs 80 energy and takes one hour to complete. It is rewarding me with 125 exp and 110-454 starbits currently. I can see the exponential growth happening with my exp and Starbits and it is very satisfying. The more fans you get, the more Starbits you earn. I was going to post this last night before I went to bed but I actually lost an hours worth of writing and had to re-do everything except the begining. I am glad that happend though because I woke up to a WONDERFUL surprise...!



I got a Pizza Box as a reward for completing 100 missions! I was going to spend another 1.50$ on it today! What are the chances. I should have probably played illegal busking missions in search of pizza to fill my box but I got excited this morning and used 80 of my energy on another "Midweek Headline Slot" mission. I have a 10 hour work day today and cant be spamming 5 minute missions. I'll fill my box up tomorrow when I get more time.


Did someone say free stuff?

I have found the Hive community to be very welcoming and there are a lot of Rising Star giveaways you can find happening daily. You can find an official compilation of giveaways on @risingstargame official hive posts. I won a rare card, George, from Madmanmusic. Here is an Ecency link where you can find that information:

Some users you might be interested in following aswell are:















I grew up in the local music scene around here and can relate with the game as I'm sure many of others can. If you're a musician or even a fan of music this game is for you. The game is a fresh take on the energy mechanics we're used to in a lot of mobile gaming. There's something for everyone in this game regardless of the genre of music you like. (I am eyeballing the metal drummer if anyone has one for sale..!) I am not going to invest much into this though, except time. I plan on re-investing all the Starbits I earn back into buying more cards for the account. I will continue to play everyday because it is fun and gives me something to do on my down time. The play to earn aspect is cool and I wish a lot more games could be liquidated if you find yourself un-interested anymore. Honestly, for the people not on the Hive blockchain, please see my referral up top and join us.

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