By voskcoin | [email protected] | 23 Aug 2020

1.HUNT TOKEN: HuNt token is earned by recently this coin raised 70% and pumping more high right now buy now and hold for more high value in my opinion it will be come 1 UsD by ending this year for sure 

2. LBC(Lbry credit): People who is in video platform already knew lbry vey well this is second crazy token in my opinion will reach 1 UsD my ending of this year you people seriously should consider to  register and earn lbc or buy and hold$/invite/@VoskCoin:5

3. BAT(basic attention token): Yippppieeee BAT TOKEN pumping its Price By end Of September 1UsD And By end Of this Year it will become 2.5 uSD(as its orginal price in the beginning of the ICO) earn bat with browsing  

4.BAN(banano) Lets Have SoMe BAnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Bro ! BANANO very popular coin in [email protected] and banano is very fast transaction capability you can send banano in the blink of eyes .. very low fee transction(0 fee i can say) people consider to buy and hold banano because in coming days they developing tasks on blockchain and gaming this coin surely reach the Moon like 1 Usd per banano ;) :P :D earn some banano from here


5. XYO: may be less people knew about XYO coin .. xyo coin is based on Geo Data Mining .. like with your mobile bluetooth is using as BLE you can mine coins which later you can convert into xyo token  in my opinion this is very interesting ICO in blockchain people consider to earn or buy and hold coins in my opinion by ending this year XYO coin will become 1uSD 


Earn crypto doing small tasks

Earn crypto Daily without any work

Earn Crypto for watching videos and uploading videos$/invite/@VoskCoin:5

Earn Hunt coin for completing small tasks

Earn from learning crypto

** sorry if my english not good as im german origin :) 

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