Getting into Crypto...One step at a time!

By LAUnlimited | LAUnlimited | 24 Nov 2021



Taking the first step into an unfamiliar realm means getting outside the comfort zone.


And CRYPTO was that for me!  And maybe you feel the same way....


It was all so confusing Defi, Altcoins, Smart Contracts, Staking, Tokens, Proof of Work, Proof this that and the other thing.  A Ledger A Wallet. The Keys!

It was overwhelming then and still can be today.

So let's take one step at a time.  Staking, it's a Crypto Savings Account that pays higher interest rates than banks do.


  • Pick an Exchange Platform. I like Coinbase. It's easy to join. You can Learn and Earn! Sign up here > COINBASE
  • Get right to the Learn and Earn Section.
    • Most of the crash courses are 3-4 minutes with a short quiz. $$$.
  • Determine the amount and the coin you want to Stake.
    • Currently, on Coinbase you can stake DAI, TEZOS, ALGORAND, and COSMOS.
    • Read the Whitepapers.
    • Review Websites.
    • Pick and Save.
  • Key things to know.                                                                                                          
    • There is a transaction fee for each buy, sell or trade.
    • There is a minimum balance requirement for each coin.
    • If you earn over $600 in Staking rewards 1099-MISC will be issued.
    • After the purchase of the aforementioned coins.
      • Go to Profile>Settings>Financial Services.  Toggle to earn your rewards.


Cryptocurrency is swiftly becoming the new norm --- don't get left behind.





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