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Last Warth

Worldwide: Last Wrath has announced the launch of their Last Wrath Preference Pass. These passes will provide the pass holders with an extremely valuable opportunity to get in on the action of this fast-growing NFT gaming project. Ownership of a Last Wrath Preference Pass will give pass holders the exclusive right to be involved in or be first in line for Last Wrath’s project events such as their private sale, public sale, airdrops, in-game bonuses, and more.


Last Wrath is a P2E Metaverse Gaming project with NFT, and this action-adventure fighting game will become an open world royal battle game in the future. With a mysterious, imaginative, and high-quality environment that will be constantly improved upon by Last Wrath’s highly skilled team, this game is expected to become one of the top NFT games out there. The project will have two phases. The initial phase will be a player vs. AI structure, and the second phase will be a player-vs-player structure.


One of the benefits of acquiring the preference pass and getting involved with this gaming project now is that Last Wrath will have its very own in-game economy. This economy will be highly scalable and will provide loyal players the chance to gain many rewards while still giving skilled, new players reward opportunities as well. Players will also be given the chance to collect and combine NFTs to create newer, better items within the metaverse game. Players can then sell these NFTs for whatever price they would like on the marketplace. This means that players will not only have an enjoyable time playing this well-designed and vibrant game, but they will have the opportunity to make money as well.


Last Wrath’s vision is what makes a membership incredibly valuable. As those familiar will non-fungible tokens know, the scarcity of an NFT is what creates its value. Last Wrath is highly aware of this fact and plans to protect the rareness of their NFTs by guaranteeing a free token to all pass holders rather than airdropping the NFT to each player.


The benefits of the Last Wrath Preference Pass include:


  • A guaranteed in-game bonus, free token airdrop, and free community activity rewards.
  • Priority to participate and guaranteed allocation in the public sale and private sale.
  • Priority to participate and guaranteed allocation in NFT.



Five hundred randomly selected users will be chosen to receive one of these highly sought-after Last Wrath Preference Passes. To fill out the signup form, visit Last Wrath’s website.


About the Last Wrath Team: Last Wrath is made out of a team of more than 30 skilled professionals who will maintain an active community on Telegram through video chatting and text messaging on the platform. This highly professional team is building a game that is sure to become one of the most popular NFT games out there. Exciting developments are sure to come.



Last Wrath:



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